Where to have a picnic in the town of Bansko?

Picnic in Pirin mountain

The picturesque Bansko resort has something to offer to every tourist and provides great opportunities for an unforgettable picnic. The town offers incredible places that can fill us with calmness and positive emotions. If you love nature and look for a nice place for a picnic, Bansko is the perfect place for this.

Every year the region welcomes thousands of foreign tourists and it is no accident. And what better moment for a picnic than in the spring? If you like picnics, Bansko is the place for you. It’s time for a picnic in Bansko!

The region of Bansko offers a variety of picnic options. There are many not so popular places for picnic hidden there, which are as nice as the popular ones. They provide tranquility, beautiful views and privacy in the peaceful mountain nature.

Suitable picnic spots in the region of Bansko

Dobarsko hut

It is located in the southern part of Rila Mountain and offers excellent conditions for picnic. Its starting point is situated at the end of the village of Dobarsko, and there are suitable places to where we can get by following the blue marking. We can choose to follow various forest paths along the way.

The distance to the hut is 5 km and you will need about 3 hours to get there. The meadow of the hut is the perfect place for picnics. While you are having a picnic there, you can also try forest fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries that grow abundantly there.  If you are planning to go there, we recommend you to inform the administrators of the hut in advance so they can prepare you a delicious food.

Shtrokaloto waterfall

Only 20 km from the town of Bansko there is a little paradise hidden from the world. This place is perfect for those of you who love waterfalls and walks in nature. The place is also suitable for children.

The waterfall is located in the village of Dobarsko, only 10 minutes from its center. And Dobarsko village is situated about 20 kilometers from the town of Bansko. The height of the waterfall is about 30 meters and from there we can enjoy a beautiful view to Pirin Mountain. The famous church “St. St. Tiron and Teodor Stratilat”  is located in the village of Dobarsko. It is one of the 100 national tourist sites.  

Picnic at the Tipitska Lakes

Tipizkite Lakes

Beautiful mountain, fresh air and crystal lakes – what better combination for a good picnic? Tipizkite Lakes offer everything needed for a nice family picnic in the mountain. The place is not very popular among the tourists, so if you are looking for peace and privacy in the mountains, this is the right place for you.  

On the shores of the lakes you will rarely meet other tourists. The road to Tipizkite Lakes starts from the Demyanitsa hut, as initially it goes opposite to Valyavitsa River and follows the marking to Mozgovishka porta.

After we walk 2 kilometers we turn right, then we have to follow a path through a ditch to the steep part of the Lower Tipizko Lake. It is recommended to use a GPS for better orientation to the Tipizki Lakes. It is worth visiting all lakes of the cirque.

Yavorov hut

The Pirin Mountain offers us amazing places to stay and enjoy a great picnic. The climb to Yavorov hut is a good choice not only it because of the beautiful views along the way, but also because the area around the hut offers nice places for picnics. The starting point is the Betalovoto area, located above the town of Razlog, and there is a trail with good marking.

In order to get to the hut first you have to follow a wide road, then you should make a detour and go on a shortcut that moves up along the gully.  This place is especially suitable for crossing during the hot summer days, becaue it provides many shady and cool places. Once we reach Yavorov hut, apart from the beautiful meadows for picnic, we will also find delicious and fresh food, which will recharge us with energy for the way back down.

Saint Nicholas area

At the foot of the Pirin Mountain between the town of Bansko and Dobrinishte is located the Saint Nicholas area. It is not very popular, but there you can see many natural and historical sights, which make it attractive for visits in all seasons.

It is located 2 kilometers away from the end houses of Dobarsko. You can also get there by car. There you have the chance to see archaeological excavations of a Thracian settlement, which is known as the Nameless town.

There is also an eco-trail in the area, from which you can enjoy the beautiful panorama to the Valley of Razlog and Dobrinishte.  There you will see also incredible cascades of waterfalls, which will definitely appeal to visitors with an adventurous spirit.

Picnic at the Muratovo Lake

Muratovo Lake

The other names of this lake are Hvoinato or Ovinato. The total distance to the lake is about 2 kilometers and it takes about 1 hour or an hour and a half to get there, as the route has a displacement of 270 meters. You should walk upstream of Banderishka River and follow the blue-yellow marking.

Muratovo Lake is part of the Banderishki Lakes. It is located at the foot of the steep and rocky Muratov peak. From there you can see the majestic profile of the Todorka peak. On the shores of the lake you can often see camping tourists. Get food with you and enjoy the incredible nature of the meadows of the lake.

Baikushev‘s pine

If you are in the region of Bansko, do not miss to visit this unique place, in front of whose beauty every tourist is powerless. Baikushev‘s pine  is the oldest tree in Bulgaria and is included in the list of the oldest trees in the world.

It is believed that the age of the tree is over 1300 years, which means that the tree existed during the creating of the Bulgarian country. It is located at an altitude of 1930 meters and is very close to Banderitsa hut.

Baikushev‘s pine has impressive dimensions. The circumference of the tree is more than 7.8 meters and its diameter is 2.5 meters.

The access to this centuries-old tree is facilitated for the tourists, thanks to the parking in front of the hut where there are stairs. There are sign posts on the way, which indicate the route to the tree.

The road from the parking to the tree takes no more than 15 minutes, but it is worth visiting also the beautiful places around the Baikushev’s pine because they are suitable for a picnic. There you can find wild strawberries and blueberries, which grow abundantly on the meadows.

Popovo Lake

Another great place in the heights of Pirin Mountain, which is perfect for picnics. The route to Popovo Lake starts from Bezbog hut and is relatively easy.

There is one difficult climb after the Bezbozhko Lake, which is called Dushevadkata. Once we pass this challenge, there is a transition through dwarf pines and picturesque meadows, and from there you can enjoy the view to Popovo Lake and the surrounding peaks.

Popovo Lake is the deepest and largest lake in Pirin Mountain. There are several high peaks that are located around it – Sivriya, Dzhano, Momin dvor, Kralev dvor and Dzhangal. If you plan to visit Popovo Lake, keep in mind that the last chance to catch the lift downhill is at 16:30 p.m., so it is better to visit the lake in the earlier hours of the day.  

Bezbog hut (Tevno Lake shelter)

One of the most beautiful routes in Pirin Mountain. The Tevno Lake shelter is a great destination for anyone looking for a nice and peaceful place for picnic. The shelter and the lake are located in an incredible area. This route begins from Bezbog hut, passes through the Popovo Lake and left Kraledvorska porta.

The route itself is varied and interesting. It is a preferred place by many mountaineers. If you plan to visit it with children, perhaps you will need about 5 – 7 hours to walk the route, but the effort is completely worthwhile.  

The Picnic

The region of Bansko does not stop charming us and the Picnic is another evidence of this. This picturesque place is surrounded by pines and evergreen trees. The area is characterized by the fresh air, the sounds of the stream and bird songs – what more do we need for the perfect picnic. Let’s not forget the delicious food.

The place is located about 5 kilometers away from the town of Bansko in the direction of the ski slopes and is characterized by the pure nature. Upon leaving the town and entering the mountainous area we can orient ourselves for the direction to the area from the sign posts on the way.

It is a green meadow, which has an outdoor and indoor area with 200 seats. In the middle of the area, there is a small stream that contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.

In this area you can taste delicious traditional appetizers from Bansko,  which will be prepared in front of you. And while you drink your cold beer, you can feel the coolness coming from the stream that flows literally close to your feet.

An interesting fact about the “Picnic” is that it is one of the few places that have remained not build up and protected by the Pirin National Park. Various events are organized in the area, for example, traditional fairs, teambuilding events, as well as weddings and birthdays, so you can not feel bored there.

Picnic at The Eye Lake

The “Eye” Lake

If you like crystal clear mountain lakes and picnics in nature, then this is the right place for you. The beautiful lake the “Eye” is located on a rocky terrace, situated above Vihren hut. It has a round shape and specific shiny surface, which actually determines its name.

The distance can be overcome for about an hour if we start our trip from Banderitsa hut. This hut remains a little aside and it is not quite visible because of the road, which passes below the lake at about 100 meters away from it.

There is a meadow close to the lake where we can relax, have a picnic while enjoying the incredible views to the mountain peaks surrounding the lake.

To get to the lake, we have to follow the yellow marking in the direction to Vihren hut, then we should follow the green-red marking to Banderishki Lakes. The total distance in one direction is approximately 2.5 kilometers as the displacement to overcome is 270 meters. The route to the lake is nice and pleasant, making it suitable for crossing also with young children.