Camping Bor

Camping Bor

Camping Bor offers excellent conditions for all who are looking for a beautiful place to relax and spend the night in the nature. The campsite is located among the beautiful mountain scenery of Rila Mountain and that’s why it is one of the most visited places in Bulgaria. It is a popular place for tourism among both Bulgarians and foreigners.

The campsite attracts the interest of different types of tourists. It is suitable for fans of mountain adventures, people looking for a comfortable place for relaxing holiday in a family or friend circle, as well as for religious who are looking for a comfortable place to spend the night while traveling to the holy places of worship.

No matter what is the purpose of your vacation, one thing is sure – Camping Bor will help you effectively break away from the hectic lifestyle and provide you with a calm and comfortable atmosphere amidst the majestic and raw beauty of the Rila Mountains.

Apart from its wonderful location among one of the most majestic mountains in Bulgaria, the campsite also offers its visitors excellent conditions for a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

One of the distinguishing features of the campsite is the fact that it offers a variety of amenities in the heart of the mountain and at the same time provides comfort even for those mountain travelers who do not like to compromise with their convenience.


Camping Bor is a relatively easy to discover destination. It is located only 1.5 km. from the Rila Monastery on the way to Kirilova Polyana. In the immediate vicinity of the campsite passes the Rila River, whose quiet murmur contributes to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the campsite. The nature in the area offers beautiful views in every season. 

Camping Bor

Capacity and amenities

The campsite offers tourists a variety of accommodation options for families with children and for friendly companies. If you decide to visit the campsite, you can choose to spend the night in a tent, caravan or sleeping bag under the sky.

The campsite offers a spacious caravan park and a large number of tents. If you travel with your pets, you can take them with you to the campsite.

It has a total amount of 11 small bungalows, each equipped with a private bathroom, offering hot water and a telephone. Ten of all the available bungalows have two beds and one of them has four.

The campsite also offers apartments, houses and separate rooms in Finnish-style for those of you looking for comfortable options for overnight stays in the mountains.

In each of the houses, guests of the campsite can use two double rooms. There are also four apartments available, which can accommodate four people, each. All Finnish houses have their own bathroom and heating system. They are also equipped with a kitchenette where you can prepare your favorite dishes.

Camping Bor

The houses themselves are furnished to provide the maximum level of comfort, while offering us close contact with the beauty of Rila nature. Camping Bor also offers its visitors a restaurant with a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy an appetizing barbecue with your family and friends.

Sightseeing and entertainment in the camping area

As Camping Bor is a starting point for many mountain routes, it is an attractive destination for fans of active mountain and cultural tourism.

If you love active holidays and want to constantly rediscover new mountain places, it is worth taking the time to visit some of the beautiful places around, while staying at Camping Bor, which will make your stay even more exciting.

Whether you decide to spend your vacation on the territory of Camping Bor, or to go on a trip to some of the surrounding attractions, in both cases your pleasant stay is guaranteed.

Malyovitsa and the Malyovitsa area

Camping Bor

If you are an avid mountaineer, then Malyovitsa peak would be an experience you should not miss. For those who do not know, Malyovitsa is located in the northwestern parts of Rila and is 2729 meters high. It is among the 20 highest Bulgarian peaks and is part of the Rila National Park.

Malyovitsa Peak impresses every tourist with its amazing beauty. From the top of the peak, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful views of the Malyovishka River and the nearby lakes. At its northeastern foot, there are the Little Lakes.

The northern and eastern slopes of the peak are more difficult to climb and there are rock walls on them, which attract the interest of Bulgarian climbers. The 124 m high northern vertical wall on the top is considered a symbol of Bulgarian mountaineering.

At the foot of the peak Malyovitsa is located the “Malyovitsa” hut, which is a starting point for different types and difficulty of hikes to the top, such as training, sports and alpine.

Malyovitsa Peak offers hiking trails for both advanced and beginner hikers. The village of Govedartsi is a starting point for a hike to the Malyovitsa peak.

The start point of one of the popular routes to the top is from the Central Mountain School “Malyovitsa”, which continues to the hut “Malyovitsa” and ends at the village of Govedartsi. Another popular route is Skakavitsa hut – Rila Lakes hut – Panichishte village.

Camping Bor

The international tourist route E4 crosses the marked trail passing through the glacial valley, which starts from the “Malyovitsa” hut and continues to the top. This marked mountain route leads to the popular destinations Ivan Vazov hut, the Seven Rila Lakes and the junction for the Rila Monastery.

During the winter season Malyovitsa peak offers excellent conditions for skiing with its thick snow cover. The ski slopes of Malyovitsa peak are located at 1978 m above sea level. There are also options for night skiing for ski enthusiasts.

Kirilova Polyana

Camping Bor

Kirilova Polyana is part of the route Rila Monastery – Tiha Rila area – Fish Lakes hut – Stinky Lake. A hiking trail with yellow ribbon markings passes through the forest, which offers picturesque mountain views.

Shtrokaloto Waterfall

Camping Bor

If you love waterfalls, be sure to visit the Shtrokaloto waterfall, which is located near the Klineca River, close to the village of Dobarsko in Razlog municipality. The waterfall is reached in 10 minutes from the center of the village. Its waterfall is 30 meters high and offers beautiful mountain views.

Bistrica Waterfall

Camping Bor

Bistritsa Waterfall is located in the southeastern part of the village of Bistritsa, in the municipality of Dupnitsa. You can reach Bistritsa Waterfall by taking the road to Rila Park.

The waterfall is crossed by an eco-trail , which starts from the village of Bistritsa and ends at the rock phenomenon “Moreni” (rock formations resembling stone rivers), which offers a beautiful view of Cherni Vrah.

Stob pyramids

Camping Bor

The Stob pyramids are a unique natural landmark that is worth seeing by anyone visiting the Rila region. These light yellow rock formations reach between 6 and 12 meters in height.

They are located very close to the village of Stob, which is situated in the western part of Rila. The Stob pyramids vary in shape, some with a sharp needle-shaped shape and others with a pyramidal shape.

Church “Assumption of St. Ivan Rilski”

Camping Bor

You can hardly find a Bulgarian who has never heard of the Rila Monastery. But not everyone has heard of the tomb of St. Ivan Rilski.

In the Church of the Assumption of St. Ivan Rilski (also known as the “Old Lent”) you can find a tomb where the body of the famous saint was located before it was moved to Sofia. It dates from 1820 and is situated in a century-old beech forest 3.5 km. from the Rila Monastery, being part of it.

On the northern side of the church is the cave itself, in which St. Ivan Rilski spends his last years in isolation.