Children’s camp LuckyKids in Bansko

Studying a second language at a language camp gives children the opportunity to get accustomed to a foreign language in an authentic, fun and captivating way, which cannot be reproduced in an conventional classroom.

One of the things we are very proud of at aparthotel Lucky Bansko is that we can offer the little ones the opportunity to develop their language skills at the international language camp LuckyKids – our trademark progamme.

Summer camp for kids

What distinguishes the language camp LuckyKids?

Located along the breathtaking nature of the Pirin Mountain, the five-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko, LuckyKids has everything and more that a language camp abroad has to offer.

The whole organization of the summer camp is based on the best practices and experience in conduction this type of camp.

Combining studying with games, fun, adventures and outdoor sport activities allows us in 7 or 14 days to reach results unreachable in a traditionally organised studying process.

During their stay with us the children will find new places, make new friendships and develop their skills in a fun, captivating and casual way.

What makes our language camp so popular amongst children and their parents?

The summer adventure at the language camp has a few advantages:

  • Every one of the little guests is engaged in various activities in the mountain
  • The studying of English is interactive and is four academic hours a day
  • The teacher are not only very experienced, but also English is their mother tongue
  • During the program the kids are engaged in various outdoor activities and games during which they communicate
  • The summer camp breeds values and good manners in the children


  • 7 or 14 day shifts during the summer vacation.

For year 2024:

  • The kids language camp starts on June 16, 2024.

Place of the camp:

  • Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax*****

Age of participants:

  • Kids 5 to 13,99 years old

Package prices:

  • 999 euros per 7 days
  • 1699 euros per 14 days


  • 10% discount for repeat visit to the camp
  • 10% if there is a second or third child from the same family

Additional information:

  • There is a minimum of 10 children per group
  • Kids between 5 and 7 need an adult companion
  • The prices are for children with no adult companion
  • The discounts cannot be combined
For reservation and more information:
tel. +359 879 111 222

Whom for is the language camp LuckyKids suitable?

The international camp is for children between 5 and 13,99 years old at different levels of English.

Every child gets an individual approach and adaptation to the camp’s terms. That way children who are apart from their parents for the first time do not feel their absence.

As already mentioned the teachers are native to English and the everyday program is various and offers many emotions so it can match and exceed any expectations.

Summer camp for kids

How does the training go?

At the language camp LuckyKids the teacher use a unique method of teaching of the most contemporary type.

The program is done by the project based learning method. This is an exceptionally modern and innovative approach applied successfully at the teaching programs all around the world for more than a decade.

During the program the children get split into teams and develop projects on interesting subjects developing their English skills simultaneously.

The project based learning allows the little ones to improve their knowledge and skills not only in English but also in many other walks of life.

The teaching is separated at different levels depending on the age and level of knowledge.

During the teaching the younger and less advanced children are being taught predominantly offline and on paper even despite the classrooms being fully equipped with computers and touch screens. This allows the application of interactive methods.

The methods of foreign language teaching at LuckyKids are Play and Talk with Echo and Jolly Phonics.

One of the important skills, which the children learn during the international language camp, is to create presentations and apply them successfully.

The intensive interactive teaching of English at the camp combines the outdoor games, sports, excursions and trips in the mountain and many other activities.

The outdoor lessons as well as the everyday exposure to the surrounding nature are extremely beneficial for the children’s’ psyche and enhance the productivity of the program.

Besides learning a language and having fun in a healthy environment the children also learn social skills such as tolerance, lenity, mutual aid, goodness, courage, generosity, frankness and persistence.

Summer camp for kids

What does the package include?

The special package prices of the international camp LuckyKids are in euro and are per child with full feeding schedule.

The package includes:

  • Qualified teaching: Everyday highly qualified teaching and communicating in English in groups of up to 10 children and teacher to student ratio of 1 to 5.
  • Accommodation in luxuriously furnished rooms: the students are accommodated in studio standard (three per room) and apartments Standard Plus (four per room) at aparthotel Lucky Bansko. All the sharp and cutting objects, which can harm the little ones, are removed from the rooms. Children from the same sex are accommodated in the rooms no matter whether they are related or not.
  • Feeding: During the participation in the kids camp the little ones are offered food and water in the main restaurant Le Bistro. With us the feeding is five times a day and the menu is healthy.
  • Free water during the outdoor activities: During the trips in the mountains we offer bottled low-mineral water.
  • Organizing various activities: Horse riding, swimming, mountain biking, excursions, picnics, paintball, yoga, cooking, team games and competitions, thematic dinners.

During their stay at the language camp LuckyKids the children can use freely:

  • Warm indoor bio pools for children with a temperature of 33 degrees;
  • Outdoor playground with climbing frames, swings, slides and more;
  • Kids corner with many games and fun for kids between 3 and 6 (8:00 to 22:00 o’clock)
  • Kids club for children over 7 years of age (8:00 to 22:00 o’clock);
  • 2 completely equipped computer zones with WiFi in the whole hotel
  • Kids TV channels
  • Licensed transport from Sofia to Bansko and around;
  • Mountain insurance and 9% VAT.

The package price DO NOT include the arcade games in the hotel. Tokens can be purchased at reception.

Summer camp for kids

Healthcare and safety

We are especially attentive to the little ones health and safety.

With that said at Lucky Bansko, we provide the following:

  • 24-hour medical care and mandatory presence of a medical person during all the trips outside the hotel;
  • The pool activities are supervised by a licensed lifeguard
  • Experienced instructors, experts in their area, conduct the sports and recreational activities.
For reservation and more information:
tel. +359 879 111 222

Children’s language camp LuckyKids’ advantages

Advantages of the kids’ camps and particularly LuckyKids:

  • Learning a new language: The most obvious benefit of sending your child to the camp is learning English in an innovative and fun method of teaching
  • Making new friendships: Children who participate in this type of camps come from all sides of the country and the world giving a fantastic opportunity for the little ones to make friends
  • Encourages the children’s independence: Children being away for a week or two will teach the child to be more independent and confident to make their own decisions
  • Develops life skills: Apart from raising the language skills the child/children include various activities which develop their social, communication and other life skills

Finally yet importantly, the camp breeds love for the nature. The outdoor activities teach the children to love the surrounding nature via appropriate for their age games.


How to get more info on the camps organised by LuckyKids?

If you need more information or have additional questions, you can either visit or call us at +359 879 111 222.

Reservation can be made at

Can I extend my kids stay at the camp?

There are a lot of parents who want to extend their kids’ stay because on the little ones request to three weeks.

With that said, if your child wants to stay a little longer it can not only be extended but also if you decide to visit for a second time you will get a 10% discount on the package price.

What is the price if I decide to accompany my child?

If your child is age 5 to 7 and you want to accompany him/her you can call us on +359 879 111 222. . Our employees will inform you what the price is for a 7 or 14 day stay.

For reservation and more information:
tel. +359 879 111 222