Crafts in the town of Bansko from the past to the present day

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If you are interested in Bulgarian lifestyle and culture, the town of Bansko will definitely charm you. Here you can get acquainted with various old Bulgarian crafts and customs and learn more about theBulgarian history. The mountain resort has a rich festive program and it seems as if every corner is full of history and […]

Personalities from Bansko: Saint Paisius of Hilendar (1722 – 1773)

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Paisius of Hilendar is one of the most prominent personalities born in Bulgaria. He is the man who laid the foundations of the Revival period in our country, he is the man who managed only by writing a thin book called “Slavonic-Bulgarian History” to awaken the consciousness of his contemporaries and restore their confidence that […]

Social activities in Bansko

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The popularity of Bansko is dueto theunique cuisine, incredible nature and the great conditions for summer and winter tourism it provides – this is an indisputable fact. However, if you set aside this fact, you will find that the town is just like any other town and it is inhabited by both people who are […]

Personalities from Bansko: Nikola Vaptsarov(1909 – 1942)

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When it comes to Bansko, the first few things we associate with the town are the ski slopes, the numerous sights and… Nikola Vaptsarov. We are sure that we will not find a Bulgarian who does not know who Nikola Vaptsarov is, as we will not find a Bulgarian who has not read at least […]

The taverns in Bansko

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Bansko is not only one of the most popular and visited resorts in our country, but also one of the most preferred destinations for wine and culinary tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists choose Bansko for one major reason – the great cuisine that can only be tasted here.If you also have chosen Bansko for […]

European night of museums in Bansko

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European night of museums

The idea for the organization of European Night of Museums Cultural Initiative was launched in 2005, and the first time such an event has been organized was in Paris, France. The organizers launched the initiative with one main purpose – to provoke the interest of more young people and families to visits museums, galleries and […]

Famous figures who have lived in Bansko: Lazar Todorov German (Golev)

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Bansko | Lucky Bansko

The „St. Trinity” church is one of the most significant symbols of the town of Bansko. We all know it, we have visited it and we all have admired the strong faith of our ancestors who, during a period of difficulties and hard times, managed to build the church with their own hands and with […]

Autumn in the town of Bansko

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Autumn in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

There is no special season in which is best to visit Bansko, because in all seasons the town is fascinating and suitable for visits. There is always something to do in Bansko, sights to see and abundant choice of entertainment activities.  No matter in which season you decide to visit Bansko, you will not regret […]

Famous figures who have lived in Bansko: Metropolitan Neophyte of Rila (1793 – 1881)

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Famous figures of Bansko - Neofit Rilski

Numerous great figures have taken their first breath of air in Bansko and have left a bright mark not only in the history of their hometown, but also in the history of Bulgaria. One such person is Metropolitan Neophyte of Rila – an enlightener, a scribe, a teacher, a writer with worldly thinking and a […]