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The area of Bansko – at the foot of the Pirin Mountain, has been inhabited since Antiquity. Here people have found good living conditions and means of livelihood – hunting, fishing, farming, livestock breeding.

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In Bansko, the Old town is of national importance to Bulgaria. Not only because it is one of the few places in our country, where the antiquities are preserved in such an authentic way and in a very good condition.

Koncheto, Pirin mountain | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Vihren Mount is the highest peak of Pirin Mountain and second highest in Bulgaria (after Musala). It is located between the rivers Banderitsa and Vlahinska and its height of 2914 m Vihren challenges mountain lovers, as well as experienced mountaineers.

Hadzhidimovski monastery Georgi Pobedonosets | Lucky Bansko

You have already visited Bansko’s places of interest, you have enjoyed its attractions and you would like to walk around the region to learn more about places of interest in South-eastern Bulgaria.

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Bansko is the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria (and not only) and it is enjoyed and visited by tourists coming from the country and abroad.

The British newspaper Daily Mirror ranked Bansko between the 10 best ski resorts worldwide for a reason.

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Tourism as an organized economic activity in Bansko began to develop purposefully from 1979 on. Today the town is a modern international resort with conditions for holidays and entertainment during all seasons.

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Christian churches in Bansko and the region attract strong interest from tourists from all over the world. With these temples one can “read the history” of Christianity in Bulgaria from its early days (four basilicas from the 4th century are found here) to the present day. One will see the power of faith and the […]

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The summer slowly gives turn to winter and winter sports fans are eagerly waiting for the new ski season to begin. It is perfectly logical if you too long to go down the white tracks, to start looking around for a destination to go to this winter.

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If every time you have a few days off and you are looking for a hotel where you can relax, you ask yourself whether to choose a hotel with or without SPA, then you will find it interesting to find out more about SPA hotels and why they are so famous and visited in recent years.

Mountain biking | Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Mountain biking in Bansko is among the attractions the resort offers to tourists. Where – of course, there is no need for the guests of the city to come with their own bicycles – bikes are rented, and a guide is provided.

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