Kleptuza – the mystical place in the Rhodope Mountains

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Kleptuza | Lucky Bansko

If you love nature and you are looking for new adventures,then don’t miss to visit the Kleptuza dam in the town of Velingrad -a beautiful place in the Bansko region. Itis one of the most impressive and mysterious natural places in the mountain of Orpheus, which are worth seeing. There is no doubt that the dam has become an emblematic place for the town and is always associated with its name.  

Sinanitsa peak – the Alpine giant of Pirin with dangerous beauty

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Sinanica lake | Lucky Bansko

Pirin Mountain keeps astonishing uswith its unique beauty that impressesboth Bulgarian and foreign tourists every year. Sinanitsa peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in Pirin Mountain and in Bulgariain general.

Todorka peak – a legendary giant in North Pirin Mountain

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Връх Тодорка | Lucky Bansko

If you are heading towards Bansko, you will not regret it. The region of Bansko is world famous for its breathtaking sceneries and unique historical and ethnographic sights of national importance.

Springtime in Bansko

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River in Bansko | Lucky Bansko

One thing is certain for Bansko – the tourists can’t be bored here, because this winter resort offers a great variety of entertainment and services both in summer and winter. The facts speak for themselves, as every year Bansko is visited by thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, which proves not only its popularity, but also the diversity of offered services.

Demyanishki Skok Waterfall

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Photo of a waterfall | Lucky Bansko

You often visit Bansko because the town has a special atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. You like to visit it in all seasons. You love to walk through its winding streets, enjoy the unique cuisine of Bansko, explore the sights in the town and the surroundings, and most of all you like that you can indulge in total relaxation and various SPA procedures in one of the hotels in the town.

Kirilova meadow

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Kirilova meadow | Lucky Bansko

At about 7.5 kilometers over the Rila Monastery, at a height of 1465 meters is located Kirilova meadow, one of the most beautiful places in Rila Mountain.

The meadow is surrounded by some of the most scary and majestic peaks of Rila – Iglata, Dvuglav, Zliya zab, Kupenite and Lovnitsa, which makes it not only the ideal place for rest and picnic, but also a starting point for some of the most interesting tourist routes in Rila Mountain.

The dry lake

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The dry lake in Rila | Lucky Bansko

If you like exploring the mountain and looking for an interesting day-trip route, we offer you to try your strength on one of the most popular tourist routes starting from Kirilova Polyana and going to Dry Lake.

Chairlift Dobrinishte – an unforgettable adventure in Pirin Mountain

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Dobrinishte Chairlift | Lucky Bansko

If you are adventurous and love the fresh mountain breeze and the winter nature walks, the Dobrinishte chair lift offers you such an experience. Here you can indulge in the crystal-clear air of the resort while enjoying magnificent mountain views.

The iconic exhibition in Bansko – from a historical point of view until now

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The unique icons and frescoes in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Unlike the other art schools that developed during the Bulgarian Revival Period, the school of the town of Bansko continued to develop also after the Liberation. During that time, magnificent models of iconography and woodcarving came out of the craftsmen’s hands, leaving a bright mark in the national memory.