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Along the many winter sports competitions held in Bansko – national, European, world – many people perceive the resort as more winter. In Bansko, however, summer tourism is also very well developed, offering numerous attractions for a fresh summer in Bansko.

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Before talking about tourism in Bansko Business tourism in Bansko was not a thing until the 1980s, despite the ideal natural conditions in the city for many years before. Even older is the idea of ​​developing Bansko ski sports.

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Winter season Bansko: SuperShow with stunning awards The official opening of the Bansko winter season is in the middle of December, with the date fluctuating for a few days, depending on the weather conditions.

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Bansko is not a big city, but it’s a very compact one. Tourists, however, have so many amazing sights to visit in Bansko that just a day is simply not enough to go round and learn all the interesting stories these places can “tell”.

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If you’re settling at the last minute of your summer break, you know what “running” is and it’s not exactly what you’re going to come up with. If you’re accustomed to betting on comfort and security, you know that it’s time to check out when and where to relax royal.

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