From Bansko to Golak area – Walking route

As one of our most popular mountain resorts, Bansko enjoys the interest of local and foreign tourists all year round.

And we congratulate you for choosing it for your family or individual vacation.

Because Bansko has something to surprise you with and can provide you with the vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Numerous nature, historical and cultural attractions, delicious regional cuisine, plenty of activities and various spa relaxation await you here.

But in this article, we want to give an idea for a walk not around the sights of Bansko, but to the area of Golak above Razlog.

We stopped at Golak, as it is a very popular destination located near the resort and that you can visit if you decide to get to know the area around Bansko better.

From Bansko to Golak area - Walking route

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What is Golak area and where is it located?

Located in the Razlog valley, just a few kilometers from Bansko is one of the most picturesque mountain towns – Razlog.

And right above Razlog rises the slightly high Golak hill. We assume you already guessed that Golak area is located on the highest point of this hill.

How can you get to Golak area from Bansko and the region?

You can get to Mount Golak and the area of the same name exceptionally easily. You just need to take your car from your hotel in Bansko to Razlog.

The distance from Bansko to Razlog is about 7 km, meaning you will reach the town in a few minutes.

And as soon as you enter it, you will see enough signposts that will guide you to the starting point of the walking route to the Golak area.

In case you don’t see any signs looking at the beautiful, small streets and the wonderful nature around you, or if the GPS decides to play tricks on you, just orient yourself by the 12-meter tower that rises on top of the Golak ridge and which is visible from the road.

From Bansko to Golak area - Walking route

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The hiking route to the Golak area starts at the foot of the hill, and the route is extremely easy and pleasant for both adults and families with small children.

To get to the tower (respectively to the top and the area) it will take you no more than 15 minutes if you keep enjoying the views and about 20-30 minutes if you climb slowly, trying to imprint the beauty in your memory, which unfolds before your eyes.

The eco-path that you have to take is called “Stapalata” and is one of the favorite places for walking and relaxing for both the local population and the guests of the city.

The path or Panoramic Alley “Stapalata” was built by the municipality of Razlog in 2015 and since then until today it is one of the biggest attractions for the locals and is among the most visited places by the city’s guests.

On the way up to the area, there are more than 50 designated recreation areas, which are equipped with benches, comfortable tables and wooden deckchairs for relaxation.

In addition to the rest and recreation areas, there are also 30 observation decks located in different places, from which unique views of the Razlog Valley are revealed.

However, the most attractive site awaits you when you climb to the top and reach the end point of the hiking route.

Right there, on the highest point of Golak hill, rises a 12-meter tower, from which a unique panoramic view of Rila, Pirin and Rhodope is revealed.

If you get here, we advise you to do like the locals, who, after enjoying the nature and the views of the Rhodopes, Rila and Pirin, organize picnics and indulge in complete relaxation.

Video: The panoramic tower above Razlog, Golak area

Natural and cultural sights to see around

If the walk along the “Stupala” Panoramic Alley eco-path does not tire you out enough and you have the energy for a walk in Razlog, the town has enough beautiful places and sights that you can visit.

For example, you can take a walk in the city park, which the city’s residents are proud of.

Of course, getting to the park is a must to see the Solar Calendar, which is one of the biggest attractions of Razlog.

We are sure that you will also be interested in exploring the Turkish bath, which is among the biggest cultural attractions of the city. It was built in 1903 and impresses both with its size and architecture.

Razlog is also proud of its Nikola Parapunov Historical Museum and its preserved authentic Renaissance houses, which are also not to be overlooked.

The museum stores over 5,000 museum exhibits that tell the city’s history from ancient times to the present day.

From Bansko to Golak area - Walking route

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The Revival houses will impress you with their unique architectural style, which experts call “fraternal architectural style”.

Your walk can continue to the village of Banya, where you can see the famous “Murtina Banya” (Turkish bath).

The bathhouse was built in the 17th century by the Turkish Murtazov family. Today, the Turkish bath has been restored in its authentic form and is one of the most visited sights by tourists who visit the village.

Popular routes around Golak

The routes around Golak are not few and it depends only on you what you want to see.

For example, suppose you are experienced in mountain trekking and rock climbing. In that case, you can try to reach the rock formation “Stupalata”, which also gave the name of the “Stupalata” Panoramic Walk in Golak area.

The starting point for the rock formation is the Yavorov hut, which can be reached from the Betolovoto area.

If you like cultural sights, then after the walk to the area and Razlog, you can visit the church “St. St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilat” in the village of Dobarsko. The church was built in the 17th century, but what amazes are the biblical images painted on its walls.

If you are staying at the Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, you can take advantage of the free routes that the hotel organizes for its guests.

The tourist walking route from Bansko to Golak hill above Razlog, as well as many other popular destinations, is included as a free service for all hotel guests.

To join the walk, all you have to do is ask at reception and join the group.

As guests of the hotel, you do not have to make a reservation in advance or pay anything. What is required from you and the hotel guests is only a desire for adventure and a good mood.