A journey through time

A journey through time

an exciting journey through Bulgarian history

Bansko is not only a winter resort, but a museum town where new and old live together.There are more than 140 cultural monuments in town and its surroundings, which will take you on an exciting journey through the rich Bulgarian history:


Museum complex Bansko – a guided tour to the museum houses of Nikola Vaptsarov, Neofit Rilski and Velyanova house, the “St. Trinity” Church, the constant exhibition of icons by the Artistic School of Bansko, the Paisius of Hilendar’s memorial – the only place where nowadays an exact copy could be seen of the cell where one of the most significant pieces of Bulgarian literature “Istoriya Slavianobolgarskaia” (Slavonic – Bulgarian History) was written.

Dobarsko – the “St. Theodor Tyron and Theodor Stratilat” Church, winner of the great award of the State Tourism Agency for 2008 for development of cultural and historic heritage as a tourist attraction.The church dates back from 1614 and is under the protection of UNESCO.It has unique, very well preserved frescoes, which can be seen nowhere else in the world.

Belitsa – the park, created for re-adaptation and salvation of dancing bears, wins recognition as an attraction for thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Baikusheva Mura – a white fir which is one of the oldest trees in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula.Its age is estimated to be more than 1300 years and visitors are astonished by its imposing dimensions – 8 m circumference and 22 m height.

Ognyanovo – Leshten – Kovatchevitsa – a unique combination of amazing nature and remarkable architecture of the Bulgarian national revival – white houses with large verandas, spacious yards and tile-stone roofs, cobbled streets, wriggling through high, fortress-like walls.

Rila Monastery – situated 1 147 m above sea level, surrounded by the freshness and fragrant coniferous forests of the Rila Mountain.It is the biggest monastery complex in Bulgaria, announced as a national historic monument and part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Melnik and Rozhen Monastery – Melnik is the smallest and one of the most charming museum towns in Bulgaria.The typical old houses are impressive with their natural architecture, dimensions, wealth, wine cellars, and the Bulgarian people’s sense of practicality and beauty.  The Rozhen Monastery is situated 5 km away from Melnik in the foot of Pirin Mountain and is one of the biggest monasteries in Bulgaria.  It has superb views towards the peaks of Pirin, Belasitsa and the famous pyramids of Melnik.