Extreme emotion

Extreme emotion

The mountain is a paradise for the thrill seekers

The mountain is an all-seasons paradise for those who enjoy thrilling sensations and new dares.Unleash your adventurous spirit and indulge in our challenges:

Rafting along the Struma River – adrenaline rises with the level of water and speed of rapids! The rafting courses take place in the gorge of Kresna, 60km away from Bansko. The average duration of the route is about 3 hours, but the emotion lasts for a lifetime.

Rock climbing – an unusual way to get to know the mountain!In the surroundings of Bansko there are terrains with different difficulty levels, incl. safeguarded training rocks.The program contains some of the most attractive elements of alpine practice – trolley and rappel.

Off road with Jeep – no matter how well you know what exactly will happen, the experience always exceeds your expectations! The rugged forest and mountainous terrain of Pirin is a prerequisite for various routes, filled with emotion and adrenaline:

  • Bansko – Melnik with a visit to the Rozhen Monastery – 1 day
  • Bansko – the dancing bears park in Belitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Predel saddleback – Katarino – Bachevo with a barbecue in the mountain – 1 day
  • Bansko – Dobrinishte – Bania – 3-4 hours
  • Bansko – Dobrinishte – Obidim – Kremen – Gustin – Eleshnitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Kovatchevitsa – Breznitsa – 1 day
  • Bansko – Bania – 2-3 hours
  • Bansko – Pirin Lakes – 2-3 hours

ATV tours – take control along panoramic black roads, through mountain passages, past rivers, natural landmarks and secluded villages!
We suggest the following routes which will put your endurance to a test and will quicken your pulse:

Low difficulty and a lot of fun:

  • Bansko – Belizmata Lake (up to 1 hour)
  • Bansko – Yavorov hut (2-3 hours)
  • Bansko – Razlog Valley (up to 2 hours)
  • Night panoramic tour of Bansko and its surroundings (up to 1 hour)

Medium difficulty and picturesque view:

  • Bansko – Dobrinishte – “Ribarnika” breeding pool – Gotse Delchev and Bezbog huts – Bezbog Lake (3-5 hours)
  • Bansko – Razlog Valley – Mesta River (up to 5 hours)
  • Bansko – Dobarsko (up to 5 hours);

High difficulty and overwhelming emotion:

  • Bansko – Predel saddleback(up to 5:30 hours)

We can offer individual routes according to your desire and spare time.