The program LuckyFit will take place in the period
 April 1st – November 11th , 2017

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Thanks to “LuckyFit” you would have the opportunity not only to lose the extra weight effectively (guaranteed weight loss over of 4%), but to sculpture your body to the desired shape. And the best part of our program is that you would be able to enjoy its results in a short term by attending courses of attractive advantageous costs, being held in an interval of 7 to 14 days. For the busiest amongst you, there is a program “Weekend” which is for 2 nights.

All LuckyFit programs are held within the luxury and comfortable atmosphere of the Five Star Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax, situated in the foot of three mountains – Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes – famous of their miraculous nature all over Bulgaria.

Amongst the lux of Lucky Bansko, you would meet a high level service, everything you may need for a dream SPA vacation. The proximity to the ski slopes keeps the interest of the winter sports’ fans to prefer the hotel.

How LuckyFit program would tempt you

The program is a combination between healthy regimen of diet without starvation, suitable to your necessities and various relaxing and entertaining physical activities. Such are functional and combined gymnastics, yoga, morning Chinese gymnastics, intense weight training (thanks to the fully equipped and modern gym of Lucky Bansko), horse-riding hours, swimming with no limits as well as mountain walks on a daily basis.

And the pleasant surprises do not end here! The variety of SPA procedures is obligatory included in the program LuckyFit. They are not only perfectly combined to the healthy diet regimen, but also enable you to let your body and soul having the deserved rest. The SPA package comprises massages, sauna and steam bath.

Furthermore, we don’t have to forget the relaxing amusements that Lucky Bansko offers – courses in folkloric and modern dances and excursions to cultural and natural sights of the region.

The healthy nutrition

Except the healthy food, since 2014 our program provide organism purgation using natural methods – daily drinking of “life” water and zeolite or more the so called component of the program “Health with water”.

If you are searching more effective and immediate outcomes, we also offer an option for a 30-hours supervised starvation included in your preferred LuckyFit program.

Something for everybody

Our four types of programs are scheduled according to the different necessities of the clients:

“LuckyFit Standard” and LuckyFit Plus”with them you are losing weigh without painful starvation and hard diets.

“LuckyFit Anti-stress”a program that remove the stress and has a favorable impact to the mentality, with normal nutrition (no diet). 

“LuckyFit Beauty” – combines anti-stress and weight loss effect of the programs LuckyFit with the innovative therapies for skin rejuvenation, refreshing and lifting. Reduces the cellulite and improve the measurements in the problem zones of the body. Makes the skin fresh and brighten.
Our programs are created by Prof. Bozhidar Popov, chairman of the Bulgarian scientific association of nutrition and diet.

Detailed information about the LuckyFit program can be found at the following link: https://luckyfit.eu

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