Weight loss program LuckyFit in Bansko

Our understanding of a contemporary hotel is that it needs to be comfortable, with a high quality of the product offered, exceptional service and bringing added value to its guests.

The combination gives satisfaction, positive emotions and bring you back to us.

The weight loss program LuckyFit encourages a heathy lifestyle and gives knowledge of what your body needs in order to be happy and healthy.

Yoga in the nature

What is the weight loss program LuckyFit?

LuckyFit is a program for effective weight loss, anti-stress and organism cleansing via natural methods, balanced diet and active rest.

Aiming this we orginise everyday mountain trecks, dances, combined gymnastics, yoga, creating positive vibes, swimming, SPA relax and dispatching from the everyday stress for 5, 7, or 14 days for complete recharge.

Created during the year 2008, this is a program, aiming to help you change your lifestyle by taking up new healthy habits and removing the unhealthy ones.

The aim is relatively simple but effective change, which lead to steady weight loss.

The program focuses on controlled 5-times a day feeding with tasty and healthy food, combined with enhanced physical activity, training program and fun.

Place of conduct

Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax*****


May to November


Depending on the how long you stay for. For more information, take a look at Prices and dates в сайта на Лъки Фит.


  • 10% if visiting for a second time
  • 10% discount on SPA therapies
  • 20% discount if a child age 10-14 joins


The program can be for a 5, 7 or 14 day period

For reservation and more information:
tel. +359 879 111 222
email: res@luckybansko.bg

Diet at LuckyFit

The diet at the weight loss program LuckyFit is created and developed by the chairman of the Bulgarian Scientific and Dietology syndicate professor Bojidar Popov – one of the most professional dietologists in the country.

The program is developed so it can ease the healthy living by teaching you how to plan your diet and combine the products so you can stay fit.

This program does not aim you count every calorie. Instead, it aims to show you that you can have a balanced diet with tasty food and simultaneously help you burn fat as quickly as possible.

The program besides healthy feeding includes a bigger physical activity under preplanned trainings.

It is mandatory that you go through an examination by a cardiologist as well as weighing you before and after the program so we can see the program’s effectiveness. Every day amongst you will be the program’s supervisor Teodor Kordev who is a kinesitherapist and all around professional.

Of course, at the weight loss program LuckyFit we have not forgotten about fun. It includes everyday trips, walks in the mountain, as well as dances, water gymnastics, outdoor yoga, Chinese breathing exercise, Tae bo, culinary classes, picnics, relax at the SPA center of aparthotel Lucky Bansko and many more.

Water exercises

What is the LuckyFit Reduction?

LuckyFit reduction is a main direction of the program for healthy weight loss. It is suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight, enhance physical activity and their general health.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation in a private studio Standard
  • Introductory lection
  • Consultation with a cardiologist
  • Bioimpedance tool Tanita examination
  • Everyday medical control
  • 5 times a day balanced menu
  • Everyday walks in the mountains trips
  • Picnic in the mounrain, outdoor yoga, demonstrative healthy culinary course with chef Bayrev
  • Once a week all day mountain trip with a professional
  • Folklore dances with an instructor – 3 times a week
  • Everyday consummation of Kangen water and Zeolit
  • Everyday use of the modern SPA center at aparthotel Lucky Bansko and free use of the pool and thermal zone
  • Special discount of the 10% of any additional massages, paid SPA therapies and procedures
  • Branded gifts, apart from the standard hats and T-shirts


  • One massage per 7 nights
  • One massage, one cryotherapy and one pressotherapy per 14 nights

Special option for LuckyFit participants:

  • The beauty package of 6 therapies for 165 minutes has a 20% discount
Bulgarian national folk dances

LuckyFit benefits

The benefits of the weight loss program LuckyFit are many but the main ones are:

  • Improves heart rate: The obesity makes your heart work overtime in order to circulate your blood. With weight loss you reduce the pressure on your arteries and the heart’s stress. Besides that weight and fat loss also reduces cholesterol
  • Weight loss improves mobility: Even the minimal weight loss reduces the joint pains and eases movement. This on its part stimulates you to move and do sports more regularly.
  • Weight loss improves your sleep: Overweight people often have sleep issues. This condition where the fat deposits in the neck, blocks your breathing which leads to you waking up often during the night. Weight loss can remove this problem and seriously improves you sleep quality.
  • Improves your self-esteem: Weight loss is not only beneficial for your health but also makes you look better and feel more wanted and beautiful.

Of course, amongst all the benefits we should not forget that the LuckyFit program helps you improve you lifestyle and diet.

Take a look at how a typical day in our daily program goes by and be welcome!


How to enroll for the weight loss LuckyFit Program?

For more information and reservations visit the LuckyFit website and call us on +359 879 111 222 or email us on info@luckyfit.eu.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact is before making a reservation.

Can I use a discount if coming for a second time?

If you enroll for a second time you get a 10% discount.

How to keep the achieved results?

Weight loss, which is reached by the LuckyFit program reduction is gradual without imposing a drastic diet and with no yo-yo effect.

If you follow the balanced diet regime and keep up with the physical activities you can keep you weight for a long period.

For reservation and more information:
tel. +359 879 111 222
email: res@luckybansko.bg