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Sports and leisure time – hotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Enjoy a pleasant break close to nature, devoted to your favourite hobby or acquiring new skills.Choose among the following options:

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Aqua complex with two new outdoor swimming pools for adults and children, with attractions and entertainment, will be a wonderful opportunity for a relaxing summer vacation.

Fishing in “Ribarnika” complex – you will feast your eyes on incredible landscapes, feel the warmth of hospitality and meet the living traditions of the region of Pirin. We offer you a sample package which includes:

  • Transportation to and from “Ribarnika” complex – 12km away from Bansko;
  • Hire of fishing tackles;
  • Cooking and consuming the draught in the open air.

Hunting – For those who love а  reasonable risk we offer photo hunt and hunting tourism in the territory of the state game reserves Harami Bunar, Stariat Dikchan, Vishteritsa, Batishta. The most abundant game species are wild boar, moufflon and red deer.

Horse riding – suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. It takes place in the horse riding base “Rusaliite”, 14km from Bansko. The base offers a lot of entertainment opportunities, such as:

  • Horse riding in the base or on eco paths in the mountain – including transportation to the base, safety training, horse guide;
  • Option to exchange horse-riding for archery, air-gun shooting, rock climbing or walking tour;
  • Barbecue lunch, cooked on stone and charcoal;
  • Demonstration of local customs;
  • Live music and dance ensemble;
  • Pheasants and peacocks mini-farm.

Unforgettable experiences with the attractions of Hotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax!