Eco-trail – The secrets of the water and the waterfall “Shy”

On the border between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece, in the most southwestern corner of our country rises the small but very beautiful mountain Belasitsa. Due to its location, it is still not well studied, as only a few decades ago it was a special access area.

Eco-trail - The secrets of water and the waterfall


The mountain is really not very big or very high, and only 20% of it is on our territory . On the other hand, its highest, steepest, but also the most beautiful parts are in our country.

Do you have a trip to Bansko or Petrich , you will not you make a mistake if you take some time to get to know her. Belasitsa will enchant you with incredibly beautiful views, diverse forest composition, rare plant species and lush rivers, which give rise to countless waterfalls , one of which we would like to introduce to you now.

Shy Waterfall

Located along the Kremishka River, between the villages of Kamena and Samuilovo and only about ten minutes by car from Petrich (15 km), “Shy” is not only one of the most beautiful and lush waterfalls, but also the highest waterfall in Belasitsa – with goals 21 meters high.

Although officially called Kremishki waterfall, locals call it “Shy” or” Shy Waterfall “, as it has long remained hidden from the eyes of both locals and tourists. It was discovered quite by accident by local mountaineers only in 2009.

Today to “The Shy” leads tourist eco-trail, which makes visiting it very pleasant and relatively easy.

Secrets of the Water Route or How to Get to the Shy Waterfall

If you decide to take the time to enjoy the turbulent waters of the “Shy”, you have to reach the very center of the village of Kolarovo, as this is where the eco-trail “Secrets of Water” begins.

Once you get there you will see an information board to guide you where to go. If you accidentally miss it, if you get to the center, ask the locals where is the old road to the neighboring village of Samuilovo and go on it. The road is a car, but it is not so bad and you can go on it by car.

In a few minutes you will reach a gravel road that leads to the Lopovo area above the village . Continue on it and after about 4 km you should leave your car and continue on an unmarked path in the mountains.

Calm down. You will not be confused, because there is an information board at the place where you have to start on the eco-trail “Secrets of Water”.

Eco-trail - The secrets of water and the waterfall


The route is about 5 km long, the climb is about 320 meters above sea level, and the time it will take you to reach its end point – “Shy Waterfall” is between 3 and 3 and a half hours.

The trail is unmarked, but you won’t go wrong, as there are information boards along the entire route with interesting information about the waters of Belasitsa and the sights of the mountain. Along the way there are designated places for rest, which reveal great views that take your breath away.

In the beginning the path is not steep and walking is very pleasant and not stressful. However, the higher you go, the steeper it becomes good to be a little more careful.

The last part of the route is a bit more extreme, because to get to the waterfall you have to go down steep and narrow wooden stairs right to the bottom of the Kremishka river gorge.

If you get there, the “Shy” will be revealed to you in all its glory and all the fatigue of the transition will be erased like a magic wand.

Hidden in the deep gorge of the river, surrounded by four sides of the mountain, the waterfall will greet you stormy and quite noisy. Its waters flow from a height of 21 meters straight down, and its fall is very strong almost all year round.

If you want to enjoy the view to the fullest, there is a small wooden bridge at the foot of which you can walk to feel splashes of water on his face.

Alternative route to “Shy Waterfall” from the village of Kamena

You can join the eco-trail “Secrets of Water” and from the village of Kamena. From here to “Shy” the road is about 30 – 35 minutes , and the path is marked in green.

If you choose this route, from Petrich you have to go west to the village of Kamena. You enter the village and continue towards the end.

Just before you leave, the road forks and you have to take the left fork, which leads to the Kamena bungalows. They are currently abandoned buildings, but they are a pretty good starting point and a great place to leave your car alone.

Going down the path is good to follow the markings. The road winds along the river, crossing several wooden bridges on the left and on the right.

After about 10-15 minutes of leisurely walking along the river you will reach a bridge, after which a slightly more serious ascent begins. But don’t worry. Although steep, the trail has separate steps and wooden railings , which you can grab in case of need.

Climbing the steep path takes about 20 – 30 minutes, then you will reach a gazebo where you can relax before overcoming the last meters to the waterfall. Getting there will take no more than 5 minutes.

And the other six waterfalls on the river Kamishka?

Indeed, along the river there are six more waterfalls except for the Shy One, but unfortunately they are in even more hidden places and are difficult to access without equipment.

At the moment it is possible to reach one or two of the waterfalls, but you can not enjoy them up close. And it’s quite dangerous, especially if you’re not an experienced mountaineer to do the search yourself.

Other tourist routes that may interest you

Mangaro Falls

Located above the village of Skrut , on about 750 meters above sea level, “Mangaro” is an extremely beautiful waterfall that is worth a visit.

To get to it, from Petrich you have to go to the village of Skrut, where the tourist trail starts. If you reach the village, it is good to ask the locals where the church is and go there.

A few minutes from the church you will reach sign “Belasitsa Nature Park”, where you should leave your car and enter the forest.

To reach the waterfall you must follow the green and yellow markings. The climb is moderate and will take you between 30 and 40 minutes.

Dabitsa Waterfall

If you still have the strength and want to enjoy the beauty of more waterfalls, you can reach Dubitsa waterfall on the same road to Mangaro. Just instead of following the yellow and green markings, you should follow the blue one.

Tumba Peak

If you are an avid mountaineer and climbing peaks is your passion,

It’s good to know, though, that the path is quite winding and in some places very steep and the climb will take you about 10 hours.

If you are ready for this challenge, from the village you should enter the forest and follow the markings for Mangaro Falls . If you reach it, continue to follow the markings for the top and in a few hours you will reach the area “Headquarters”, where you can stock up on water and relax.

From “Headquarters” the path becomes quite steep and rocky and you have to be very careful. There will be a few more hours of walking and you will reach the border pyramid 4. From there to the top the ascent is along the border furrow. However, the last 300-400 m of the climb are quite difficult, as the trail is not only steep but also rocky.

Eco-trail - The secrets of water and the waterfall


Belasitsa Nature Park

Those of you who are not tempted by long and difficult mountain hikes can give yourself a pleasant walk in Belasitsa Nature Park .

The mountain will enchant you with its natural forests and chestnut, which are not found in almost any of the mountains in our country. As you walk along the narrow forest paths, you have the chance to enjoy the extremely rich biodiversity of the Nature Park.

There are over 1200 plant species here, 102 of which are extremely rare and are listed in the Red Book. Among the inhabitants of the mountain are over 8 species of amphibians, 15 species of reptiles, 120 species of birds, 50 species of mammals and over 80 species of insects.

How to get from Lucky Bansko Hotel to the beginning of the eco-trail “The Secret of Water” and the waterfall “Shy”?

If you decide while on vacation at the Lucky Bansko Hotel to enjoy the beauty of Belasitsa Mountain and its unique waterfalls is good to spend a day.

We say this not because the road is long, but simply because if you see “The Shy” you will want to stay longer, and you will not leave yet.

To get from the hotel to the eco-trail you have to go from Lucky Bansko to Petrich . The distance between the two cities is about a hundred kilometers (105, to be absolutely precise) and the journey will take you about an hour and 30 minutes.

If you reach Petrich you should go west to the Belasitsa mountain and the village of Kolarovo. There are enough signs on the road, so you can’t go wrong.

Kolarovo is located about 15 km from Petrich, the traffic is not big and it will take you at most ten minutes to get there. Once you reach the center of the village, you have reached the starting point of the eco-trail.