Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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Ski boots are elements of ski equipment that strongly influence not only the comfort, but also your way of presenting the track. They transmit to the skis the movements you make and at the same time transmit to your feet and body all the information that comes from the terrain.

Therefore, when choosing a ski boots, especially if this is the first time you have to make such a choice, you must be very careful and precise.

Features that are good to consider when choosing ski boots

Flex index

This index is extremely important and refers to the extent to which ski boots can bend forward.

Usually, the higher the flex index is, the harder the shoes are – and vice versa. The easiest way to find out what the flex index is is to look at the inside of the cuff.

Shoes with an index of 50 are recommended as standard for beginners, and for intermediate – advanced shoes with a flex index between 60 – 80.

Experienced skiers prefer shoes with a flexibility of 90-110 and professional skiers often choose the hardest possible shoes with a flex index of 120-150.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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Good to know: When choosing a flex index, in addition to the experience you have on skis, it is good to take into account your weight, height and even your age.

We say this because weight and height directly affect the pressure that is applied to the shoes and largely determine the appropriate level of flexibility.


To find the right size of your ski boots, measuring your feet is extremely important. In other words, knowing what size shoes you wear in your daily life has nothing to do with the size that is right for your ski boots.

Unlike ordinary shoes, ski boots are measured on a scale called Mondopoint, which determines the size of the shoe according to the length of your feet in centimeters.

That is why it is very important to try on the shoes in the store before making the purchase. We advise you to do this, because only by trying on the ski boots, you can be absolutely sure that they fit your size.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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If this is not an option and you are buying your ski boots online, then you should measure your feet very carefully. You can do this by leaning your heel against a wall and measuring the distance from the heel to the longest toe with a ruler.

It is also a good idea to be able to test the shoes when buying online and return them to the store if the size is not yours.

In addition to the length and width of the foot is very important when choosing ski boots.

Here again, our advice is – if it’s possible to go to the store to try the chosen ski boots, as some brands design narrower shoes, while others – wider.

In case you can’t visit the store in person and you have to shop online, you can measure the width of your feet (the measurement is made in the widest part of the foot) and compare the measurements with the technical characteristics of the model of the chosen ski boots.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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Cuff shape and hardness

The conformity of the cuff to the shape and size of the calf plays an important role in the good fit of the ski boots.

The cuff is generally made of hard plastic (TPU), the hardness of which corresponds to the flexibility index of the shoes.

In other words, the harder the plastic from which the cuff is made, the higher the flex index of the ski boot is, and vice versa.

As for the shape, here the main factor that must be taken into account whether the ski boots are designed for men or women.

We say this because the shape of the calves of men and women differ. Ladies usually have thinner and more elegant calves and it is especially good for them to have ski boots with adjustable cuffs.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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Useful tips when choosing ski boots that you can take advantage of

Make a preliminary study before buying

We live in a digital world, so don’t neglect the information you can get from Google. It is important not to rush, but to carefully read what other consumers write about the different brands and models of ski boots.

It is not bad to ask a friend or acquaintance for his opinion, and it will not be superfluous for you to seek information from employees in the stores you are targeting.

Remember that you will wear the ski boots and they should be comfortable for you

Gather all the information about the choice of ski boots that you can find, but never forget that every skier has his own preferences and the fact that a certain model of ski boots can be perfect for someone else, doesn’t mean they will be comfortable for you, too.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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Be careful when trying on ski boots

Go to the store if possible in the afternoon or evening. Then your feet are the most swollen, and this is the right time to measure your ski boots.

Do not try the shoes yourself. We say this because you should not stand in your ski boots before the heel is well tucked and the steamers are securely fastened.

If you try the shoes yourself, you will not be able to determine the right size and it is quite possible that to think that the shoes are the right size, while you’re at the store, but in fact you can buy ski boots with a size or two larger.

Be careful when buying ski boots online

Even if you really like a model and brand of ski boots, do not buy them online, if you have not previously measured them in a physical stores.

We note this because even if the shoes meet your size and requirements, until you try them on, you really won’t be completely sure if they are right for you or not.

Ski boots: how to choose the right size?

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In addition, it is extremely important when buying online to be careful about what stores you shop from. We advise you to make your purchases only from specialized stores for sporting goods with a good reputation.
Usually such stores offer high quality ski boots from leading brands, which are accompanied by a warranty. Plus, they always offer the opportunity to review and test the product, as well as a period in which you can return it if the size is not right or the product it simply not comfortable.