Ski schools in the town of Bansko

Bansko is among the most popular winter resorts not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The resort town is preferred for ski vacations, because it offersgreat ski runsthat are suitable for people with different ski and snowboarding skills, but also because it has a very good ski base, and last but not least – there aremany ski schools where everyone who wants canenroll and take the first steps mastering these winter sports on the ski runs above the town.

Ski schools in the town of Bansko

Not only do ski schools in Bansko offer very good ski training facilities for people of all ages, but they also have some of the best instructors in the country who work with incredible enthusiasm and desire.

If you have plans to spend yourwinter vacation in Bansko, but you have not yet tried skiing or snowboarding (and you very much wish to be able to go down the ski slopes), this winter is the time to dare to enter one of the many ski schools operating in the town.

The ski schools in Bansko or the places where you can learn to ski while on holiday in the town

„Pirin 2000” Bansko

The ski school opened its doors in the year2000 and is one of the preferred ski schools by the locals and by the guests of the town. Pirin 2000 offers group trainingfor people wishing to practice skiing and snowboarding of all age groups. Depending on the skill level, students are divided into groups, with up to 8 adults or children in each group. Upon request, the ski school instructors also offer individual training, which again is tailored to theindividual skills of the person.

All those who need equipment can rent one from the ski school’s rich ski wardrobe. Pirin 2000 is a member of the Bansko Ski Instructors Association at the Bulgarian Ski Federation.

Bansko Ski Mania – ski and snowboard school

„Bansko Ski Mania” has been operating since 2000and its team includes professional ski and snowboard instructors. The school offersindividualtraining and training in small groups(up to 8 people maximum). The ski and snowboard lessons are available daily and are tailored to the skills of the students. The techniques that are taught to the ski trainees are extremely diverse and include both classic downhill skiing and carving techniques.

The snowboard training offered in Banskoby Bansko Ski Mania can be individual or in very small groups and is suitable for both children and adults. The taught snowboarding techniques include both freestyle for advanced ones and basicsnowboarding techniques for beginners. The ski school has a ski wardrobe from which the necessary equipment and ski or snowboard equipment can be rented. Bansko Ski Mania is a member of the Ski instructors Association in Bansko.


The school was created about 15 years ago and offersvarious services such as cycling tours, mountain climbing, cultural and historical sightseeing in addition to the ski and snowboard training for people of all ages according to their level of skills, and more. Instructors with extensive experience work in this school, and they approach each student with care and patience. INTER BANSKO has its own ski wardrobe and service, which can be used by all skiers and snowboarders.

Ski school and wardrobe „Ski Plus”

The professional ski instructors, the variety of services and, last but not least, itsperfect location (a few meters from the initial lift station) make Ski Plus one of the most preferred ski schools by the locals and guests of the town. The school offers both professional training for children, beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders, as well as a ski wardrobe with equipment for beginners and full ski and snowboard equipment for the advanced ones.

Ski schools in the town of Bansko

Snow Peaks – Bansko

The ski school opened its doors in 2009and it was established by a family of professional ski racers – Georgi Parlapanov and his sons – Ivan and Yani. 10 years later, the ski school is very popular with skiers around the world because it offers high class training.

As in the other ski schools in Bansko, the instructors in Snow Peaks work both individually and with small groups of people with different skill levels. The individual training courses are conducted with great patience and attention, which is great for every beginner as he may feel calm and get used to skiing faster. Group courses are held in groups of several people, because Snow Peaks – Bansko wants to be able to pay special attention to each of their students.

The school also offers training for children from 3 to 7 years, as the lessons of the youngest are held in a specially designated area. Snow Peaks has a service and a rich ski wardrobe.

SKIPOINT – ski and snowboard center

„SKIPOINT” has been working in Bansko for almost 10 years now and offers to everyone who chooses it both ski and snowboard training and the suitablerental equipment to practice these sports.

The courses offered at SKIPOINT Ski and Snowboard Center are suitable for all ages (for people from6 to 86 + years of age). The training is conducted either individually or in groups, and the ski and snowboard instructors are professional ski racers who know how to show the best techniques to their students.

Bansko Fun Holidays

„Bansko Fun” is one of the most creative ski schools in Bansko, which for more than 10 years has provided its services to both beginners in winter sports and to the advanced ones who want to learn different skiing or snowboarding techniques.The training is conducted by professional ski instructors and can be either individual or group.

Bansko Fun Holidays offers both ski and snowboard equipment for rent, as well as it has its own equipment shop, from which you can buy everything necessary for skiing and snowboarding.

Ski schoolGeorge

„Ski School GEORGE”has professional instructors who provide training in several different languages. The school also offers courses for adults and children with different skill levels. Particular attention is paid by the school to the training of the youngest, and with great patience and love they teach the little ones different skiing and snowboarding techniques. For the adults, Ski SchoolGEORGE offers both individual courses and training in small groups, divided according to the skill level of the students.

To make the holidays even better, the school offers ski and snowboardrental equipment and clothing from leading brands.

Ski&Snowboard school M&G Snow

„M&G Snow” was established in 2005 and almost immediately afterwards became a member of theBulgarian Professional Ski Instructors. The school instructors work according to well-developed training programs that allow beginners of all ages to learn different skiing and snowboarding techniques as quickly as possible.

The M&G Snow Ski & Snowboard School is proud of its instructors, who are professional NSA graduates. The school offers both ski and snowboard courses for children and adults, as well as the necessary ski equipment and clothing for rent.


The PIRIN SNOW Ski and Snowboard School is highly respected among the guests of the town as it offers daily courses for children and adults with different skill levels. The instructors working at PIRIN SNOW are professionals who have worked outside the country for many years and can, with skill and tact, predispose both children and adults so that skiing or snowboarding techniques are easily and quickly learned.

The school has a wardrobe where equipment and clothing can be rented. There is also a place at PIRIN SNOW BANSKO where anyone in need can get a full ski or snowboard equipment.

Bansko Sport Ski School

Bansko Sport” has been operating since 1992 and is one of the first ski schools to offer skiing courses in Bansko. Throughout the years the school has been constantly developing and today it is proud to offer a variety of tourist services such as ski and snowboard training, equipment for rent, service, mountain climbing, cycling, cycling tours, horseback riding and more.

As for ski and snowboard training, Bansko Sport offers individual and group training according to the skill level of the students.

Ski schools in the town of Bansko

Mountain sport ski school

Mountain Sport is one of the leading ski schools in Bansko and is highly recommended by the locals and the guests of the town. Besides the fact that it has a very good base and offers the necessary rental equipment for every skier and snowboarder, in Mountain Sport each student is approached with the due respect and attention.

The courses offered by the ski school are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to ski, regardless of their age and skills. The training is conducted by professional instructors and can be both individual and in small groups of several people. The skiing and snowboarding techniques taught at the ski school are varied and easy to implement even by beginners in skiing or snowboarding.

Do you want to learn how to snowboard or ski like a professional? Do you want your child to ski at a young age? You can hardly find a better place than the ski schools in Bansko to start the training. Not only are the schools that work in the town extremely numerous, but they also have professional instructors who are really good at their work.

Don’t wait any longer and don’t be afraid of skis! Learn skiing or snowboarding techniques this winter while relaxing in our most popular winter resort!