Chalinvalog gondola lift

Bansko is our most popular winter ski resort and as such it has numerous ski runs withdifferent level of difficulty that the lovers of winter sports can enjoy throughout the winter season. The ski runs can be reached through a well-established network of ropeways (lifts) that pass just above the resort town and reach all the ski runs located above Bansko.

Chalinvalog gondola lift

Chalin Valog is one of those ropeways. The lift is not located in the highest place, but is one of the most preferred by both locals and guests of the town because of the slopes it has, the beautiful areas and its proximity to the town.

What is the location of ChalinValog gondola lift?

The ropeway is located on the northern slope of Pirin Mountain in the Chalin Valog area. The area is very well developed and this makes it very popular for visits during all seasons.

But let’s go back to the lift …

The Chalin Valog lift is located in the area of ​​the same name (as we have already mentioned) and has been serving the town’s residents and guests since 2007. It was built in 2002 by one of the leading Austrian companies, Doppelmayar (today “Doppelmayar – Garaventa”).

The ropeway isfour-chair, high-speed, with unhinging seats and safety helmets. Due to the presence of helmets, the lift is also called the “Chalin Valoghelmet lift”.

The length of the line is 1100 m, as the displacement, which we need to overcome is 325 m, and its daily capacity reaches up to 2000 people/hour.

The lift can be reached either by an asphalt road that leads straight to the Chalin Valog area or by using the lower lift station over Bansko.

The lower exit station can be reached by private transport, and if tourists are guests of theAparthotel LuckyBansko they can use the free transportation offered by the hotel.

Just for information: The lower station of the ropeway is about 2 km away above Bansko at an altitude of1150 m, and the upper station is located in Chalin Valog area at an altitude of 1475 m.

Winter tourist attractions near the ChalinValog gondola lift

Of course, what attracts tourists to Bansko the mostare the ski runs serviced by the ropeway. At the moment of Chalin Valog there are four active ski runs with a total length of 1300 m, which are of medium difficulty and are suitable for both advanced and beginner skiers.

The ski runs of Chalin Valog are preferred by beginners as they are very suitable for initial training for both children and adults. There is also a specialplace for childrenwhere they can be trained in a pleasant and relaxed environment by qualified ski instructors while their parents practice ski or snowboard on one of the other slopes or drink delicious, warm tea in the tea room next to the lift.

The lift works only during the winter season and the working time is from 08.30 a.m to 04.30 p.m. The last chance to use the ropeway is at04.15 p.m.

Ticket prices and tickets for all lift facilities at the ski resort are being renovated at the beginning of each new ski season, but again,only for information,we can mention that during the 2018/2019 ski season the two-way ticket price was BGN 30 for adults, 25 BGN for school students, university students and pensioners, 20 BGN for children from 7 to 12 years and 1 BGN for children up to 7 years, for pensioners over 75 years of age and for persons with disabilities and their accompanying persons.

During the winter period, there is a tea room, wardrobe and a lot of restaurants in the vicinity of the lift, where tourists can relax and recharge themselves.

Since the Chalin Valog ropeway is an intermediate station, tourists seeking more extreme experiences can use it to reach the upper station in the Banderishka Polyanaarea, which is virtually at the center of all winter activities taking place in the town during the active ski season.

Chalinvalog gondola lift

Opportunities for entertainment during the summer season in the Chalinvalog area

The popularity of Bansko as a winter resort is indisputable, but with each passing year the town becomes more attractive also in the summer season. The rich history of the town, its numerous sights,unique cuisine, the great cultural program and, last but not least, its proximity to the incredibly beautiful Pirin attracts tourists from near and far.

Chalin Valogcan be included inthese diverse summer activities. The unique location (just a few kilometers from the town), the easy and quick access and the beautiful nature, in which the area is situated, make it one of the favorite places for outings and picnics for both residents and guests of the town.

The Municipality of Bansko has taken care to provide the best possible conditions for easy access to all who want to spend an incredibly peaceful day in the beautiful area. There are tables and benches set up at different places on the way to the area, where tourists can not only sit and enjoy the beautiful views, but they can also prepare something to eat and relax in a way they dreamed of all year.

The “Picnic”, which is one of the biggest summer activities around Bansko,is also located at ChalinValog. Throughout the summer, there are so manypeopl who want to visit the Bansko folklore picnic that it is necessary to make reservations so that tourists can be part of this incredible meeting with thefolklore traditions of Bansko.

Visitors of the Picniccan not only enjoy the authentic Bansko folklore and traditional cuisine, but also take part in singing competitions, dancing competitions or they can just lay in the grass and enjoy the beauty around them. And if they want to get involved in an activity, they can easily do it by taking part in organized fun such as paintball, archery or walk with a cart.

Chalinvalog gondola lift

For this part of the tourists who like long walks in nature, there are trails, which they can follow that lead to the area and respectively to the ropeway station.

During the summer months, there are cycling and horseback trips organized to ChalinValog, as well as ATV walks, in which anyone who loves such summer activities is welcome to join.

Places and areas located near the ChalinValog lift

Banderishka polyana

One of maybe the most famous meadows not only in Bansko and Pirin Mountain, but also in Bulgaria is located at an altitude of 1620 m. The area is among the most visited places near Bansko in the winter and summer seasons, because it offers different attractions during each of the tourist seasons.

The Banderishka Meadow can be reached in about twenty to twenty-five minutes with a cabin lift. The length of the route of the cableway is about 6233 m. The starting (exit point) from which the cableway can be “caught” is just above Bansko (at an altitudeof 998 meters). The exit station can be reached by private car, while Lucky Bansko guests can take advantage of the free transportation service provided by the hotel.

The journey, as we mentioned, takes about 25 minutes, and before it reaches its final destination – Banderishka Polyana, the lift passes through the Chalin Valog Intermediate Station.

Unlike the Chalin Valog lift, which operates only in winter, the ropeway to Banderishka Polyana functions throughout the year.

During the winter season, tourists who decide to visit Banderishka Polyana can go skiing or snowboarding on the Banderitsa ski run, which is of moderate difficulty and has a length of 4860 m.

The hosts of Banskoorganizea lot of fun and entertainment for the residents and guests of the town in the summer months at the Banderishka meadow. During the hot summer months, the meadow becomes a mini amusement park where everyone can find something fun for themselves. All summer long, small-door football, mini-golf are played here, picnics and walks are organized, and the smallest children can enjoy a wonderful fun – downhill on Europe’s largest water slide.

Baikushev‘s pine

The centuries-old tree is one of the biggest natural attractions and it is quite logical that almost every tourist who chooses to spend his vacation in Bansko wants to visit it.

Baikushev‘s pineis the oldest black pine in Bulgaria (its age is almost 1300 years old). The tree is named after its discoverer – Kostadin Baikushev, and with its height of 26 meters, diameter of 2.48 meters and its circumference of 7.80 meters, it is a real pleasure to anyone who stands under its powerful branches.

The centuries-old tree is located only a few hundred meters from Banderitsa hut and can be easily reached by taking the cabin lift to Banderishka Polyana and then walking to the hut and Baikushev‘s pine.

It can also be reached by car. The road is relatively good and leads directly to Banderitsa hut, and from there there is a 10-minute walk to the centuries-old tree.

Chalinvalog gondola lift

Banderishkiskok waterfall

As its name implies, this waterfall is located near Banderishka Polyana and Banderitsa hut. With its height of 30 meters, Banderishki skokwaterfallis one of the highest waterfalls formedof the waters of the Banderitsa River.

During the summer months,the waterfall is a favorite vacation placefor tourists and locals as it is not only extremely beautiful and full of water, but also the few minutes spent by it soothe the mind and cool the body in hot summer days.

The waterfall can be easily reached by a cabin lift to Banderishka Polyana, and from there it is less than a few minutes by foot.