Summer in Bansko

Along the many winter sports competitions held in Bansko – national, European, world – many people perceive the resort as more winter.

In Bansko, however, summer tourism is also very well developed, offering numerous attractions for a fresh summer in Bansko. With them a pleasant, relaxing vacation is interesting, full of various summer activities in Bansko, filled with pleasant experiences.

The possibilities for unforgettable summer in Bansko are varied – treks, excursions, various sports – from classic to extreme, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, mineral baths, etc. Thus, Bansko is a preferred resort not only in winter, but also in the summer.

If you are looking to combine the summer holiday with nature, but also to stay in a top five-star hotel – Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax is your place. Here you will find luxurious accommodation, five star service, comfortable studios and apartments and countless entertainment and attractions for every taste and lifestyle.

Summer in Bansko with hikes and excursions

An interesting summer in Bansko offers numerous types of pedestrian crossings. Routes to lakes, peaks, shelters, chalets are among the wild mountain scenery and are a journey into a wonderful, invigorating and inspiring world. During these summer activities in Bansko can be chosen transitions with low difficulty or medium, and there are routes with high difficulty. The duration is from 50-60 minutes to 17 hours.

Rila Monastery inside | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

While you are spending a relaxing summer in Bansko, you can also see the beautiful Greek resort of Kavala, the unique Rila Monastery founded in the 10th century and included by UNESCO in the cultural heritage of the world, the famous Melnik wine – the smallest town in Bulgaria, Reserve the houses and wineries dug into the specific sandstones.

This can be done by selecting one day excursions, including natural landmarks such as Yagodinska Cave. So a vacation in Bansko gives opportunities to see many other remarkable places.

Summer in Bansko with attractive fishing, hunting, forest paintball

Opportunities for an attractive summer in Bansko are also for the avid anglers and hunters. In Bansko and the nearby surroundings amidst the incredibly picturesque nature, fishermen can try their luck with carp, trout and chub. They do not have to carry their tiles, they can take everything for rent.

Paintball in the forest | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

The place can be chosen between the complex “Ribarnika” with its three lakes, which is 12 km. From Bansko and there is provided transport, and the Krinets and Belizma dams, which are in close proximity to Bansko.

The places are suitable for tourism, at the “Ribarnika” often are held emotional competitions for sport fishing, celebrations on personal or corporate occasions, etc. The Belize is ideal for a picnic – with benches and tables, there is a fireplace, a children’s playground. No matter what the success of fishing, delicious fish will be – there are craftsmen of the preparation of zircon and pan, they are always ready to welcome tourists and know how to contribute to the unforgettable summer in Bansko of the tourists.

The exciting summer holiday in Bansko is also guaranteed for the hunters. The rich flora and fauna of Pirin gives the opportunity for unique, unique footage and emotions in photo hunting. The real hunting is carried out at the game farms Harami Bunar, Visharitza, Battista Old Dikchan. The wildest pig, the deer and the mouflon, can be mentioned among the wildest game.

Among the many summer activities in Bansko are the suggestions of IMI Sports for paintball. The adventure is very exciting, three forest terrains for amateurs, children, for thiambidding are prepared for the games. The instructors are professional paintball players from the Bulgarian League, with numerous national and international tournaments certified for referees on a European scale.

In the case of thimbilding with a large number of participants a special field is made – fenced, with inflatable bunkers, professional referees.

Summer in Bansko with horse riding and mountain biking

Among the many opportunities for emotional summer in Bansko are horseback riding and mountain biking. All summer holiday offers in Bansko include horseback riding with additional extras.

Horse riding in the mountain | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

You can choose horses to cross the eco-paths, including field trips or basics – beginner lessons, lighter walks for the inexperienced.

Horses are trained, professional instructors are provided. Experienced riders have hourly mountain hikes with different hurdles, with optional duration of days, two days or more with food and overnight stays.

The bases in Bansko are “Rusalite”, which is ten kilometers from Bansko, “Peri Volas”, 12 km. And “Palace” near Razlog.

Every summer season in Bansko is becoming more and more popular mountain biking. For the cyclists there are marked 200 km of attractive trails of different difficulty reaching Rila. The marking was made by an English organization together with Park Pirin.

In fact, the founders of this organization have set the beginning of organized mountain biking in 2009 and continue to develop it. Free tours are available for enthusiasts. Due to the different difficulty, there is a “backup option” for some cyclists at certain places to use road transport.

For the popularity of cycling, the international competitions that are held every summer in Bansko and are included in the calendar of the Professional Federation in Bulgaria contribute here.

The municipality participated in the development of cycling and the facilitation of cyclists for various summer activities in Bansko of the cyclists, making a 2250 m waterway to St. Nicholas – a very interesting archaeological complex with remnants of a settlement dated back to 2000 before the new era and existed to 17th century.

Extreme summer in Bansko

Lovers of super action can make an extreme summer relaxation in Bansko. Among the many summer activities in Bansko are the attractive routes for ATV and buggy action. There are different terrains and slopes, but on all trails the panorama is exceptionally picturesque – it passes by rivers, crosses mountain passes, a number of natural phenomena are seen.

Offroad buggies in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Of course, with these attractive summer activities in Bansko, the difficulty is optional. Walking on the routes can be a show for pure entertainment for the participants – at a low difficulty with entertainment from 1 to 3 hours. There are many beautiful views of the panoramic tour around Bansko and the surroundings.

The average difficulty of the routes increases the tension and adrenaline, and there the action is from 3 to 5 hours. The high difficulty is only for masters over 5 hours tour Bansko – Predela. During these summer activities in Bansko the offers also allow individual routes if the tourists wish.

Among the offered extreme summer activities in Bansko is rock climbing. The closest place to Bansko, where rock climbing is practiced, is the Caves. If desired, you can go to some peaks – Kamenitza, Bunderishki chukar, Banski Suhodol, Tooth, Bashliiski chakar and others. Many climbers also walk on the Vihren Peak, on the north side.

For those who have chosen the extreme summer activities in Bansko with climbing on rocks, the organizers have provided secure rocks, have professional instructors and all the necessary equipment.

Useful information for Bansko

Besides entertainment, tourists can also enjoy a good summer holiday in Bansko. Only 6 km from the town are the mineral springs of Dobrinishte. They have been used since antiquity – the sixth millennium before the new era were found in the mineral spring.

There are also specially designed pools with a Roman foundation of the building.

Today, there are 17 mineral springs with a temperature of 30 to 43 degrees, and in the balneological resort are treated various diseases – kidney, gastrointestinal diseases, gall-liver problems, metabolic-endocrine, upper respiratory diseases, skin wounds, neuralgia , Radiculitis, joint diseases, etc. The water is used by baths and by prescription – and by drinking.

The complex has 2 swimming pools, outdoor bars, a restaurant, a children’s playground with a small pool. The place is exceptionally picturesque, among three mountains – Pirin, Rhodopes and Rila, its altitude is 850 meters.

The lift works not only during the winter, but also during the summer

When you spend the summer in Bansko, one of the first things to do is go up the Gondola to the Banderitsa meadow. The 8-seat gondola reveals spectacular views over the 6.2 km stretch, the emotion being the ultimate. Capacities are up to 2400 people per hour. In June the traffic is one day up and down – 8 in the morning departure from Bansko and 16.30 in a row.

In July and from 1 to 24 September, the lift operates all day in both directions and on a week-long break. Working hours are from 8am to 4.30pm. Throughout August there is an extended working time from 8 am to 6.30 pm when it is the last one in Bansko. Of course, there is a regular shuttle to the lift, which is also on the weekends in the winter.

The ski slopes and the lifts are perfectly maintained and are used optimally in the winter – it is no coincidence that the ski complex in Bansko is preferred in Europe for European and world competitions – ski, snowboard, biathlon. The slopes are 75 kilometers in total, of which 30% are for beginners. For more experienced skiers there are 45% of the routes, 25% of the slopes can be experienced skiers.

In Bansko there is a specially made convenient 16km long ski run that leads from the town to the largest ski slope in the ski complex. It is illuminated, secured, secured with artificial snow machines, suitable for skiers and snowboarders who are moderately advanced in their skills. The ski complex has numerous ski schools, full ski equipment is available, paragliding is available, like paragliding.

The chairlifts in Bansko are 13.2 km long, there are 2.4 kilometers of drag lifts. All this makes moving to each track fast and comfortable. The climate, “helped” by artificial snow machines – a total of 230, makes the winter season active from December to May.