Rafting, kayaking and canyoning 

08.08.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Rafting and kayaking in Bansko

It’s time for trips, noisy open-air parties, walks in nature, and why not to master extreme sports such as rafting, kayaking or canyoning? If you also like to try out some of these adrenaline activities, we hope you will be happy to hear that rafting, kayaking and canyoning are some of the extreme sports you […]

What is a folklore picnic in Bansko?

01.08.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Folklore picnic in Pirin

Being in Bansko in the winter where your days are full with walks and skiing on the white ski runs, and the evenings – with a glass of wine in the light of the fireplace with your loved one or with noisy fun with friends in a bar in Bansko is an unforgettable experience. Winter […]

The old cinema in Bansko

18.07.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
The old cinema in Bansko

If you are in Bansko for the first time and ask local people where you can get more information about the cultural events and the interesting places to visit in the town, they will tell you that you have to go to Bansko Old Cinema.  Do not be surprised that they are directing you to […]

Where to practice sports in Bansko?

11.07.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Mountain sports

In recent years, there has been much talk of the great benefits of active sport for the health and the body, and for a great joy, more and more people are active and do sports regularly. Various sports facilities and playgrounds are being built throughout the country, where everyone who wants to go out will […]

Huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain

03.07.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Shelters in Pirin mountain

Are you planning to get to know the beautiful Pirin Mountain a little closer? Perhaps you have already made a plan on which peak to conquer, which path to take, which popular (or not so popular) sight to see. And have you informed about the huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain, which can be very […]

Peaks in Pirin Mountain

27.06.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Peaks in the Pirin mountains

Our country is blessed with beautiful, high mountains, each of which has its own magic and charm. Some of the mountains impress with their plain ridges, others with an ancient mystique, while third ones charm with their high peaks.  We have many mountains but there is one that combines everything – amazing green meadows, rich […]

Where to have a picnic in the town of Bansko?

20.06.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Picnic in Pirin mountain

The picturesque Bansko resort has something to offer to every tourist and provides great opportunities for an unforgettable picnic. The town offers incredible places that can fill us with calmness and positive emotions. If you love nature and look for a nice place for a picnic, Bansko is the perfect place for this. Every year […]

Where to go hiking in Bansko?

12.06.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Trip to Belitsa Park | Lucky Bansko

Summer is one of the best seasons for a mountain outing. If you love the natural beauties, hiking and fresh air, then the region of Bansko has something to impress you with. The region of Bansko is extremely rich in sights and natural places, so there is no way for you to get bored. You […]

Rivers in Pirin Mountain

06.06.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
The Bistritsa River in the Pirin Mountains

If we now ask you which are the highest peaks, the most beautiful lakes or the most popular resorts in Pirin Mountain, we are sure that you will almost immediately think of at least half of them. However, when it comes to the rivers in Pirin Mountain, the stiuation slightly changes, as they are rather […]