Musala peak

20.10.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Peak Musala Pictures | Lucky Bansko

Even if you are not passionate mountaineers and so far you haven’t climbed any mountain peak, conquering Musala peak will bring you great pleasure. Although it is the highest peak in our country, its climbing is not as hard as Cherni vruh or Vihren peak and it is a good walk for the whole family.

Pirin National Park

05.10.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Pirin National Park| Lucky Bansko

Pirin National Park enchants its visitors with splendid views, centuries-old forests, tear-like lakes and rivers, great biodiversity and numerous sights, routes, cozy lodges and shelters, and separate picnic and picnic sites.

Bansko Cabin lift

29.09.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Landmarks around the cabin lift | Lucky Bansko

The residents and visitors of the resort can use two six-seat lifts, 6 four-seat lifts, 2 two-seat lifts and one cabin lift, which is the most attractive and preferred ski lift in Bansko.

Feasts of the Bansko’s Traditions

22.09.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Christmas in Bansko | Lucky Bansko

Apart from being our most popular ski resort, Bansko is a city where traditions are an important part of people’s lives. The current Balkanians keep the traditions of Bansko alive, pass them from generation to generation and gladly share with the guests of the town.

The Todeva/Buinova old house

15.09.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Todeva House in Bansko | Lucky Bansko

If you are on vacation in Bansko and you haven’t yet visited some of the houses of the National Revival period, you have missed a lot. We are telling you this because here and only here, you can get familiar with the unique architecture of the fortified houses in Bansko.

The “Sitan Kale” Fortress

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Legend of Sitan Kale near Bansko | Lucky Bansko

It is located in the “Kalyata” area, only about 5 km. southwest of the resort town, Sitan Kale is one of the largest fortresses in the area that have been discovered in this region.

Chalet Yavorov

03.09.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Chalet Yavorov in the Pirin Mountains | Lucky Bansko

You love the mountain and the summer, and winter and always when you have the opportunity to bounce back to the Pirin mountain. You have visited the area of Bansko, you have seen more of the sights, but it is time for skiing, you know – your destination is again the resort town.

The Medieval Melnik

14.08.2018 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Medieval history of the town of Melnik

22 km away from Sandanski, in the immediate vicinity of the natural landmark Melnik Earth Pyramids, is located Melnik – the smallest town in Bulgaria with population of only 325  residents.

Rozhen Monastery

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Rozhen Monastery Holy Birth of the Holy Mother | Lucky Bansko

Only a few kilometers away from the town of Melnik and in the immediate vicinity of the famous Melnik Pyramids, is located one of the oldest medieval monasteries in the Pirin Mountain – the Rozhen monastery “Holy Virgin Birth”.