Rafting in Momina gorge

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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Rafting is one of the most exciting, extreme and adventurous sports. Therefore, it is no wonder that every year his fans become more and more in our country.

If you have long dreamed of descending the lush, sparkling waters of one of the native rivers, we suggest you try rafting in Momina Klisura.

Where is it held?

Rafting in Momina Klisura takes place on the Mesta River . This is one of the most picturesque and adrenaline-pumping areas, which offers extremely good rafting conditions.

The canyon is 30 km long and when crossing the route you will enjoy everything your soul and body long for – from a fast and extreme descent on the sparkling waters of the river , until the descent into calm water and the opportunity to enjoy with all your senses the unique nature of the gorge.

And those of you who love history can take a closer look the medieval Bulgarian fortress Momina Kula , which rises in the narrowest part of the gorge.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

Image source: unsplash.com

When is it held?

The place is quite flooded in the spring, which means that the best months to embark on the adventure are March, April and May.

But if the year is rainy and the river remains full enough, there is an opportunity to organize rafting in Momina Klisura and in other months of the year.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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Where can you sign up for Rafting in Places?

The river passes near:

  • Bansko
  • Gotse Delchev
  • Разлог
  • Ognyanovo
  • Dobrinishte

This means that if you want to go down the trail in Momina Klisura, you can do so if you contact one of the local rafting companies located in the area.

You can hire rafting equipment and instructors on site , and from the reception of one of the hotels as Lucky Bansko or to make your reservation by calling.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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What equipment will you need?

In fact, all you need to do is bring a good mood, a desire to experience adventure and a swimsuit.

The equipment you need to practice rafting in Momina Klisura is provided by the rafting company that you hire.

All licensed rafting companies include in their package services:

  • Specialized equipment for diving in violent waters (life jacket, safety helmet, neoprene, boots and paddle)
  • Insurance
  • Instructor – guide

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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How does a rafting trip in Momina Klisura go?

First you need the right company of enthusiasts because rafting is a team sport. Inflatable boats usually have a capacity between 6 and 24 people, as the minimum group you need to assemble to be able to lower 6 people.

Are you ready with the team, contact the rafting company and choose a convenient date for your team to go down.

On the agreed day you go to the “start”, where the instructors will give you a short briefing , will equip you with the necessary equipment and your descent into the sparkling waters of Momina Klisura can begin.

The descent on the waters of the gorge is lasting 3-4 hours , and you will be accompanied at all times by a guide to guide and follow you.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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At the beginning of the descent the waters of the river are calm and quiet so you can get used to rowing techniques and learn to follow the driver’s commands.

Entering the gorge, it narrows, and the waters of the river become more turbulent and with a greater slope, which will raise your adrenaline to heaven.

Shortly before the end of the few hours of descent in front of you will open one of the most beautiful and hidden from human eye medieval fortresses in Bulgaria – Momina Kula.

Who is this water sport for?

The best thing is that to practice rafting it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you play sports. No prior preparation is required, nor the purchase of specialized equipment.

Rafting is suitable for absolutely everyone – from 6-8 year olds to 108 year old dignified ladies and gentlemen.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

Image source: unsplash.com

In other words, do you want to embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure and charges with energy and a lot of emotions, then rafting is just for you.

Where to stay?

As already mentioned, the picturesque gorge is located nearby to Bansko, Dobrinishte, Razlog, Ognyanovo and Gotse Delchev. All these Pirin towns offer a lot of (and nice) places to spend the night, so you can combine rafting in Momina Klisura with a few days of relaxation or walks in the mountains.

Each of these towns has something to surprise you with, but if you want to enjoy a truly complete vacation we offer you to look at the offers of hotels and guest houses in Bansko.

In fact, if we have to be completely honest, it is from Bansko that it is easiest and most convenient to get to the beginning of the descent on the sparkling waters with the gorge Momina Klisura.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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Where else can you go rafting in the country?

Upper Struma River and Kresna Gorge

Kresna Gorge is probably one of the most popular places for rafting in our country. The route is 11 km long , starts near Simitli and passes in about three hours.

During the descent the rafters can enjoy some of the most picturesque natural views , to raise their adrenaline to the skies, passing through the rapids in the narrowest parts of the river and to relax and indulge in calm rowing in the quiet water areas.

The difficulty of the route is not high, so the descent is suitable for rafters with both minimal and extensive experience.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

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Lower Struma River

Rafting downstream of the Struma is considered one of the safest ways to go down with an inflatable boat. The route is about 10 km long , starts from the village of Zheleznik and ends at Simitli.

The river in the area is calm, there are no major rapids and there is no danger of the boat overturning. That is why this route is very suitable for young children and the elderly.

Struma descents take place in spring as well as in summer and autumn.

Upper Arda

The descent upstream of Arda starts from the HPP of the village of Beli Izvor. The route is about 50 km long, so the adrenaline adventure is two days. On the first day, the rafters take a 4 – 5 hour descent on the turbulent waters of the river.

The end point of the first day is reaching the Devil’s Bridge, where the descent for day one ends. The rafters spend the night near the Devil’s Bridge, and the next day they take the rapids again to reach the Kardzhali dam.

The adrenaline and load when descending the upper reaches of the Arda are higher, so it is recommended to include rafters with more experience.

The descents along the Arda are carried out both in the spring and in the autumn, if the river is full of water.

Rafting in Momina Klisura

Image source: unsplash.com

Rafting on Iskar and Iskar Gorge

Descending the Iskar Gorge and very suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. The adventure on the waters of Iskar starts from Lakatnik station and passes through one of the most beautiful and picturesque sections of the gorge. The route is 12 km long, and the adventure on the rapids takes about 1.30 – 2 hours .

The descents along the Iskar Gorge are made in the spring and autumn months, if the river is full of water.

Rafting on the Veleka River

We assume that many of you are surprised that such a calm river as Veleka rafting can be practiced, but it is really possible. Of course, don’t expect insane descents into narrow gorges and canyons.

If you need a relaxing holiday in nature , without If you raise your adrenaline seriously, you will enjoy rafting on Veleka.