Sports clubs in Bansko

Sports clubs in Bansko

Those of you who have already visited the town of Bansko must already be convinced that the resort offers something for everyone. Bansko is one of the most popular Bulgarian winter resorts, which in addition to beautiful scenery and a variety of sights, offers an abundant entertainment for children and adults every season.

Bansko offers a variety of options for practicing different sports disciplines for children and adults. The mountain town has an excellent base where children, as well as adults, can practice their favorite sport or learn a new one.

Sports clubs in Bansko

There is no doubt that Bansko has a full calendar with sporting eventsthroughout the year, so it is no wonder that this is where one of the best Bulgarian champions in different disciplines are born. There are numerous sports clubs in the resort with excellent facilities and all the necessary training equipment. If you are a fan of sports, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Bansko.

Here you will find numerous sports clubs with professional instructors. And what is better than practicing sports out in the fresh air? Banskocan offer you both things. So do not miss to visit this wonderful Bulgarian resort and practice sports with your child.

Let’s take a look at what sports clubs Bansko can offer:

Information and curious facts about the sports clubs in Bansko:

“Edelweiss” tennis club

Sports clubs in Bansko

If your kids like tennis, then the “Edelweiss” Tennis Club is the perfect place to take your kids to play an interesting sport. Tennis training is held at the sports playground of Nikola Vaptsarov Professional Forestry High School. There is no problem if your kids do not have rackets as they are provided by the club.

Sports clubs in Bansko

The “Edelweiss” Tennis Club is a non-profit associationthat develops a sports activity. Founded in 2013, the association aims to support the development of this sport in the region and to engage the tennis team in tournaments and championships. The children and youth tennis developsthanks to the activity of the club.

Sports clubs in Bansko

“Bansko” ski club

Sports clubs in Bansko

For everyone who loves skiing, Bansko is probably the best place to practice their favorite sport. “Bansko Ski Club is a great place for people to learn how to ski or develop their existing skills in the respective ski discipline. The ski club offers different directions:

  • “Ski Alpine disciplines”
  • “Biathlon”
  • “Cross-country skiing”

Each one of the directionsincludes children from different age groups who participate in different competitions. For example, during the winter season of 2018, Bansko Ski Club competitors have won 6 gold, 10 silver, 11 bronze medals, and also have 52 rankings in the prize six.

Sports clubs in Bansko

“Ski Alpine disciplines”

The discipline includes children, which are divided into three age groups:

  • Beginners – children over 6 years of age
  • Preparatory group children from 6-12 years old, who participate in competitions included in the sports calendar of the Bulgarian Ski Federation
  • Competitors who are card-holderschildren aged 14-16 who participate in competitions from the sports calendar of the Bulgarian Ski Federation
Sports clubs in Bansko

The ski trainings are held throughout the year and during the winter season they are held on the ski runs of Bansko Ski Area. During the rest of the time the trainings emphasize on the development of various physical qualities such as strength, speed, endurance, agility.

This type of training is usually done at thetowns stadium and park. In addition to ski training, the club also organizes hiking, various interesting games, cycling and swimming classes.

Sports clubs in Bansko


The Biathlon Team at BanskoSki Club is divided into 3 groups – beginners, adolescents and professional competitors. Trainings are organized with children at the age of 8, and during these trainings the children learn different skills. In addition to learning how to ski, they also learn how to handle aerial weapons.

Sports clubs in Bansko

The Bansko Ski Club has one of the best ski training bases. The children who are enrolled in the club regularly participate in competitionsthat are part of the national sporting events program of the „Biathlon” federation.

A number of professional competitors of the club have represented our country at European and World Championships as well as at the Olympic Games. These are the popular people: Mihail Klechorov, Dimitar Partalov, Daniela Kadeva and Dafinka Koeva. They are some of the main players in the national team of Bulgaria.

Participants in the Bansko Ski Club have participated in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and in Sochi 2014.

“Cross-country skiing” at the Bansko Ski Club

Sports clubs in Bansko

It is known that cross-country skiing has traditions in the town of Bansko. Children from 7 to 15 years old can enroll in this discipline in the Bansko Ski Club.The trainings are held at Banderishka Polyana, Rollban, the stadium and other places. The training is available throughout the year. The ski training, ski equipment and facilities are all free of charge.

 Taekwon-do club „Hawk – Bansko”

Sports clubs in Bansko

Are you looking for a sport for your children to develop a range of skills? Taekwon-do is the perfect sport for this goal. Its popularity continues to grow in Bulgaria and it has already established itself as a racing discipline. Practicing taekwon-do is interesting and offers an exciting sports experience of anew type.

A very attractive sport for young children, because it consumes a lot of their energy and is filled with positive emotions during training. In Bansko, the Taekwon-do Hawk Bansko Club is a great place to learn this sport. Training sessions are held in the club hall.

Sports clubs in Bansko

Taekwon-do is a sport that has a number of benefits for both the psychological and physical health. It carries an emotional charge and at the same time has a positive effect on the motor system and contributes to the development ofmoral and volitional qualities.

As a sports discipline, taekwon-do involves sparring, which is a major part of training of the sportsmen practicing combat sports. Taekwon-do also includes the implementation of special techniques including jumps, a series of effective kicks and a variety of techniques performed with the legs.

Taekwon-do training takes place in the club hall. It is equipped with all the necessary sports accessories for the sport: outfits, paws, protectors and more.

DzhangalBanskosports club

Sports clubs in Bansko

This club is another great place for your child to learn to play table tennis and to develop a love for sports. At first glance, table tennis does not seem like a very active sport, but it can actually be a lot of fun and interesting for kids of all ages. It also develops a number of skills.

The Dzhangal Bansko Sports Clubis a non-profit association. The club is involved in various sports events and formats, as well as organizes sports events.

Sports clubs in Bansko

Founded in May 30, 2005, its activities are related to the preparation and coordination of various projects related to the development of sports. They are atlocal, regional and international level. All children enrolled in the club have the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions.

The club has different set goals. One of its main goals is the development of different types of sports in the region ofBansko, in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Bulgarian Union for Physical Education and Sport, as well as the individual federations. It also strives to contribute to the implementation of new programs.

Sports clubs in Bansko

The Dzhangal Sports Club aims to provide children, students and people working in different fields with good facilities for a healthy and enjoyable leisure time. The main sport the club is developing now is table tennis. Students up to grade 4, grades 5 to 7 and students from grades 8 to 12 from vocational high schools are being trained.

The sports club offers use of sports facilities that is completely free of charge:

  • sports hall (400 m2) with bathroom
  • 2 professional tennis tables and 4 amateur tennis tables
  • rings
  • Table tennis balls

Competitions were held in all age groupsthanks to the town of Bansko. The competitions take place mainly between competitors not only from Bansko, but also from Razlog, Belitsa, Yakoruda and other towns.

The ranking record belongs to the competition on the occasion of June 1 – Children’s Day in 2016. Good sports achievements were achieved by children, young people and workers from Bansko. The event was organized by the DzhangalSport Club and it was supported by theRotary Club Bansko – Razlog.

At present, the main focus of the team of the DzhangalSports Clubin Bansko is on the existingproblemof aggression among children at school. Table tennis is one of the main ways to stimulate interest of children in sports, which is why the club is focusing its efforts on its development.

 „Nestor” kick-box club Bansko

Sports clubs in Bansko

Kickboxing is a combat sport based on the punches and kicks that apply to martial arts like karate, boxing, muay thai. If your kid is into kick boxing, then Bansko is a good place to practice it. Bansko Municipality supports the development of kick boxing. If your kids dream of competing one day, the Bansko Kick Boxing Club will help them develop their skills and become champions.

Sports clubs in Bansko

The “Nestor” Kick Boxing Club in Bansko was founded in 2007. The reason for that was the increased interest in this sport of young people in the town of Bansko and in its its region. Kick boxing training is held at the modern sports facilities of the Olympus Hotel. Kick boxing workouts are relatively intense and bring good results. Enrolled children have the opportunity to become competitors.

Sports clubs in Bansko

The club prepares competitors who can represent the club at national championships, with its representatives participating in traditional tournaments and camps each year and winning medals and insignia of honors. Some of the popular competitors are: Vladimir Trenchev, Todor Trenchev, Ivan Kovachev, Martin Ruskov and Konstantin Kerandzhiev.