Krinets dam

The natural, cultural and historical places and sights you can visit and explore in the region of Bansko are many, but you know this very well. So now we will not tell you about the sights of the town, but we will introduce you to one of the most popular places for rest and relaxation, which people from Bansko love to visit.

Krinets dam near Bansko

Krinets is not a big dam. It is located on an area of only 18 decares and at first you might think is not worth spending a few hours or a day of your holiday in Bansko. But if you do, if you visit it, we guarantee that you will fall in love with the place, even if you are not sworn fishermen.

Let‘s start from the beginning…

Years ago, Krinets dam was used mainly for irrigation, but in 2014 it was decided fish to be bred artificially in it, and its adjacent territories to be cultivated, so the dam became one of the favorite places for rest, fishing and relaxation in nature of the residents of Bansko and of the guests of the town.

In just a few years, the original ideas were fulfilled, trout and carp fish were bred in the dam, as well as places were created for the passionate fishermen where they can seat on their own and throw their fishing rods, enjoying a real relaxation.

On the shore of the dam is working one of the best restaurants in the vicinity of Bansko, and there you can try fish specialties and traditional Bulgarian cuisine, such that is prepared and served only in Bansko.

There are places where children can play, so anyone who has decided to spend time and enjoy a few hours in peace and relaxation outside the city can feel the comfort of that place.

Where is Krinets dam?

This is the best thing… If you decide to walk to the dam, even if you go only to have a look at it, you do not have to travel far. Because Krinets is located in the Gurovitsa area about 2.5 km (about 30 minutes) walking on foot if you start walking from the center of the town. If you are a guest at Lucky Bansko hotel you will have to walk for 45 minutes (3.4 km). You do not need special directions or GPS to get to the dam, because on your way you will meet local people who will show you to the correct direction.  

Of course, you can get to the dam by car or even by taxi, but we strongly recommend you to walk, because there is nothing better than a walk in nature of Pirin Mountain.

What to do when you reach Krinets dam?

For the fishermen…

If you like to fish, you can rent a rod and enjoy a peaceful day in silence of nature. The dam is really well stocked and your catch can be more than abundant. Here you can catch trout, carp, silver carp, grass carp, catfish and other thermophilic fish species.

For the fans of sunbaths and relaxation in the fresh air…

If you are not a fan of fishing, then you can just relax near the shore of the dam, comfortably lying in a lounger, reading a book, listening to music or just contemplating the high peaks of Pirin Mountain.

Photo by dam Krinets | Lucky Bansko

For lovers of picnics and the fans of delicious traditional dishes…

There is a place for those of you who are looking for a peaceful and beautiful place to organize a great picnic with friends. There are enough places around the dam where you can seat with friends and eat, and your children can run and have fun at the children’s playground of the Krinets restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to eat a fresh fish that is just caught from the dam or the typical cuisine of Bansko, the Krapets restaurant is the perfect choice for you. This place offers outdoor and indoor tables, its menu is rich and the prices are more than affordable. You can walk to the dam and have a nice lunch or you can visit the restaurant in the evening, the decision is entirely your. Just know that usually everything is reserved for dinner in advance so we recommend you to make a dinner reservation earlier in the day.

Places you can visit while you are in the area of Krinets dam

Bansko is the starting point for many tourist routes and it is impossible to tell which one you will love the most. However, we will introduce you to several ideas for walks, which you can combine perfectly with the visit of the dam.

For those of you who do not like hikes, we will offer you a walk to the dam that include stops to visit the most interesting sites in Bansko. The one-day walk can start from the house-museum of Nikola Vaptsarov, which is located in the very center of the town, and then you can visit the  „Saint Trinity”church and the Velyanova house, then you can continue your walk on foot to the dam, where you can have a delicious lunch and why not even stay for dinner.

Krinets dam – Banderishka polyana

If you like hikes and want to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of Pirin Mountain, then you can climb from the dam to Banderishka polyana. The distance between the two tourist sites is about 9 kilometers and you will need about two hours to get to Banderishka polyana.

You will find a plenty of entertainment both for adults and children at Banderishka polyana, so the walk will be appreciated by the whole family. If you are with children, they will be amused by the 350 – meter water slide that they can use as much as they want.

There is a whole entertainment complex in the area where, besides using the slide, you can also play soccer in small loopholes, you can try mini-golf, you can shoot at the shooting ground, slide down the  groove for tubing, you can rent a bicycle and ride along the narrow mountain trails, and so on.

When you decide to return to the town, you can use the lift, which departs right from there and enjoy the incredible views to the mountain and town from above.

If you do not like to walk (especially if you just had an abundant lunch in the Krinets restaurant), then you can get to the meadow by car. The distance between the sites is only 13 kilometers, so you will need about 30 minutes. Of course, if you choose this option, you cannot return with the lift, but you can always try it ome other time.

Krinets dam – Belizmata dam

If you are a passionate fan of fishing, then you will certainly like to visit both dams in one day.

Belizmata is a small dam, which is located in the Paligoden area near Bansko. Just like Krinets, Belizmata was used for irrigation in the past, but nowadays it is stocked with trout, carp, chub and other fish species, and is one of  the preferred places by the local fishermen. If you like to try where the fish bites more, the distance between the two dams by car is about 5 kilometers, so you can easily move from one dam to the other.

While you are in the Belizmata, you can organize a picnic, take a walk to the nearby Paligoden area and explore the monastery that is located there. You can also rent a bicycle or ATV and go on an adventure that rises the adrenaline in the forests around Bansko.

If these ideas do not suit your taste or you are looking for another type of adventure, you can contact the representatives of Krinets dam and they can organize a mountain hike with provided transportation and a guide for you and your friends.

When you are at the dam you can rent a bicycle or ride a horse, if you are a fan of these sports activities. All the time, you will be accompanied by a guide, so even if you do not know well the area and the mountain, there is no danger to get lost.

The entertainment opportunities that Bansko offers throughout all seasons are numerous, but the best thing is that even if you visit the town during the winter season, you can include Krinets dam in your list of daily trips. The views that are revealed in the winter to the lake and the snowy peaks of Pirin Mountain cannot be described in words… you have to see them with your eyes.

Why exactly Krinets dam?

We chose to introduce you to this dam because we think that you deserve to recharge with positive emotions and rest well in the silence and beautiful views that are offered by Krinets. The dam is really not big, it is not one of the most popular places in Bulgaria, but it is an incredible small place where you can at least for a day forget about the world around you and enjoy the complete relaxation.

Place for relaxation near lake Krinets

You do not have to be a fisherman and go fishing when you come here. You can come with friends, family, children and you will always find out how to have fun here. Although located only 2 – 3 kilometers away from the center of the town of Bansko, Krinets is the ideal place to escape the traffic, noise and grayness of the city.

The local people appreciate the advantages of its located and they have ranked it in Top 3 of their favorite places for rest and relaaation after the intense business day.

Why not follow their example and do not spend a quiet day in relaxation, walks, fishing or eating in the local restaurant?