Where to go hiking in Bansko?

Summer is one of the best seasons for a mountain outing. If you love the natural beauties, hiking and fresh air, then the region of Bansko has something to impress you with.

The region of Bansko is extremely rich in sights and natural places, so there is no way for you to get bored. You can always see something interesting in the town of Bansko and experience unforgettable emotions in nature.

Now we will present to your attention some great places that you should include in your plans for outings in the region of Bansko


Trip to Dobrinishte | Lucky Bansko

Dobrinishte is a picturesque town situated at the foot of Pirin Mountain. It is located only 10 kilometers away from the town of Bansko, which is west of it. The nature surrounding the town is impressive and there are mineral springs, thanks to which it is famous as a balneological resort.

There are more than 16 springs with healing mineral water in Dobrinishte, and their waters is used for the treatment of various health problems, for example, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and of the gastrointestinal tract. Valyavitza River passes through Dobrinishte and there are mineral springs located near it.  Exactly there old springs were found. The construction of two of them is of Roman origin, and above, the construction is of Turkish origin.

In the central northern part of Dobrinishte there are remains of an early-Neolithic settlement, which in the past had an area of 7 acres. It was located about 150 meters from the right bank of Valyavitsa River, near the mineral spring.

During excavations were found foundations of houses, anthropomorphic figures, ceramics and instruments. The findings date back to the first half of the 6th millennium BC, the end of early Neolithic period in the central Balkan zone. From a cultural point of view, the Neolithic settlement in Dobrinishte is related to the Southwest variant of Karanovo I culture.

Dobrinishte has provided great living conditions due to its mineral springs and good geographic location long before the Thracian settling on these lands.  There are deposits of Thracian and Roman ceramics in the village and the region around it.

The Domatarsko area is also of interest of both scientists and tourists, as ruins from an ancient Thracian settlement have been found there, and in the Gumnishta area, where there used to be an ancient village in the past, have been found coins from the time of the Roman Emperor Nero, dating back to the 1st century.  

The Nameless town

Trip to the Nameless Town | Lucky Bansko

If you love mysticism and history, this place will be of interest to you. The Nameless town, which has been discovered in the last few years, intrigues the minds of scientists and tourists.

The Nameless town is a place that for many years has been a mystery for scientists and archaeologists, so do not miss to visit it when you are in the  region of Bansko.

The history of the Nameless town is very interesting. It is an ancient Thracian settlement, which was discovered quite accidentally during the restoration of the chapel, located in the “Saint Nicholas”area.

A necropolis adjacent to the temple was discovered during the archaeological excavations. At the moment when you visit the place, you will get the impression as if a whole town has “emerged” from under the earth, with total area of 25-30 decares.

This unique landmark is located 4 kilometers away from Bansko in the direction of Dobrinishte to the southeast. After exploration of the findings, the scientists came to the conclusion that there was an active life there since 2500 years BC until the XVI – XVII century.

There are assumptions that the first inhabitants of this place are the ancestors of the Thracians. During the excavations were discovered also skeletons with a height of 1.80-2.00 meters. Vladimir Baryakov, who is the head of excavations and administrator in Bansko Museum complex, believes that in these lands have lived Thracians of the Dai tribe, whose great deeds were described by Homer.

Belitsa – the Park of the dancing bears

Trip to Belitsa Park | Lucky Bansko

If you love nature, this beautiful place in the region of Razlog and Bansko will definitely appeal to you. Belitsa Dancing Bears Park is situated in the South Rila Mountain, in the Andrianov chark area. It is located 12 kilometers away from the town of Bansko.

The park is open for visitors since 2000. The construction of the park is aimed at re-adapting the dancing brown bears. It was created with the help of world famous experts specialized in studying the behavior and habits of brown bears. A major contribution to its construction has the Municipality of Belitsa, as well as the Foundations of “Four paws” and “Bridget Bardot”.

The place where the park was built is specially chosen. This is because the height at which the park is located had to be consistent with the optimal living conditions for brown bears.

The park covers an area of 120 000 sq. m. and is divided into 7 sections in which live 26 bears in total. There are guides in the park that tell the tourist in details the story about the life of each of the bears living in the park.  

Complex Ribarnika

Trip to the complex Ribarnika | Lucky Bansko

Another great place worth visiting, among the majestic nature of Pirin Mountains. If you are a fan of fishing,  complex “Ribarnika“  is the perfect destination for you.

The complex is located 4 km away from the village of Dobrinishte and is a real paradise for fishermen and mountaineers. Three picturesque lakes are located in complex „Ribarnika”, which are intended for sport fishing. Ribarnika has an abundant equipment and fishing accessories that can be used by the guests of the complex. Balkan trout lives in the lake, the size of which varies between  0.250gr-0.500gr.

Sport fishing competitions are often organized in the complex. Even if you are not a fisherman, you can visit the complex as a tourist. Complex “Ribarnika“offers to all the perfect opportunity to enjoy a beautiful mountain landscape and try the fresh trout, which is prepared in a skilful manner by the master chefs. Near the complex is also the lift station that goes to „Gotse Dlechev”hut, where you can stay.

Complex “Ribarnika“ is also an excellent choice for the organization of various celebrations and private parties. Regardless of whether you are a passionate fisherman or not, you can enjoy a pleasant weekend and a relaxing holiday.

In addition, there are attractive hotels and complexes located in the region around the complex. Very often complex “Ribarnika” is visited by tourists who come from Bansko, Dobrinishte and the nearby huts.

Vihren peak

Trip to Vihren peak | Lucky Bansko

Vihren peak is the perfect choice for those of you who have more adventurous spirit. Vihren peak is the highest peak in Pirin Mountain. With its 2914 m it ranks second among the highest peaks in Bulgaria, after the Musala peak in Rila, and ranks third after Mitikas (2918m) in Olympus on the Balkan Peninsula. The best time to climb Vihren peak is in the period July-September, as you should avoid windy or foggy weather.

When viewed from Bansko, the shape of the peak resembles truncated pyramid, and if observed from the south it resembles a tetrahedral pyramid. Vihren is built of rocks that are mainly marble. They do not have the ability to retain water, so there are no water basins at the top.

The Vihren peak is quite rocky and there is almost no vegetation on it. When we climb up to Vihren peak, we have the opportunity to see goats walking on the steep slopes.

Vihren peak is one of the difficult peaks to climb and therefore we need  good equipment and preparation in advance if we have decided to climb it.

Sitan kale

Trip to Sitan Kale | Lucky Bansko

For fans of history and archaeology, the fortress of Sitan kale is a unique place worth visiting. Sitan kale is a fortress of the late antiquity period, located 4 km southwest of the town of Bansko. The local population calls the ruins with different names: Stana kale and Satan kale.

In the past, the fortress was intended to guard the road that crossed the valley of the Mesta River through Pirin Mountain to the valley of the Struma River. The fortress had an important strategic significance. This fortress was one of the largest and most important fortifications along the Mesta River.

Rocky formation “The Wedding”

Trip to the Wedding | Lucky Bansko

One of the most beautiful rocky formations in Bulgaria – the Wedding will definitely amaze you. It is a rock phenomenon that is situated 29 km southeast of Bansko in the direction of Osenovo village. The stone ensemble is located just after the turn to the village.

This unique natural landmark has formed gradually over time in the process of weathering of the rocks. There is an interesting legend about the rock formation. It tells the story of an evil mother-in-law who cursed the young couple on their wedding day, as well as all guests.

In fact, the rock figures really resemble human figures.  There is a rock figure that resembles the body of a bear standing on his back feet, which symbolizes the angry mother-in-law.  

If you decide to visit this landmark one day you will find out that imagination is very important when visiting this place. Everyone can see the impressive rock figures in a different way.

Baikushev‘s pine

Trip to the Baikusheva Mura | Lucky Bansko

This tree is the oldest tree in Bulgaria. The Baikushev‘s pine is the second oldest tree in Bulgarian after the Granite oak in the village of Granit, Stara Zagora region, whose age is 1650 years.

The tree was discovered for the first time in 1897 by the forester Konstantin Baikushev, as the centuries-old tree is named after him. The tree is situated at an altitude of 1930 meters. The tree itself is an extraordinary giant specimen of the black pine (pinus leucodermis), and it is believed that its approximate age is 1300 years.

The tree is situated above the Banderitsa hut. Its height is 26 meters, as the diameter of the trunk is 2.2 meters and its circumference – 7, 8 meters. As a plant species, these pines is evergreen coniferous tree of the pine family and grows at an altitude of 1000 to 2100 meters.

The trip to Baikushev’s pine can also be combined with a visit to the “Eye” Lake, which is located close to the pine, as this will guarantee you an unforgettable outing.