The house “DedoPene” Bansko

If you have been a guest of Bansko at least once, you must have taken the time to see the many sights of the Old Town. You must have admired the houses of Velyanova and Benina.

You have visited the house-museum of Vaptsarov, you have kept silent in front of the monument of PaisiiHilendarski and you have lit a candle in the church “Holy Trinity”. And after the walk around the city you asked the locals where you can try authentic Bansko cuisine and they directed you to the house “DedoPene”.

The house "DedoPene" Bansko

The house “DedoPene” – one of the symbols of Bansko

Located in the heart of the resort town, just a few meters from the church “Holy Trinity”, the house carries the spirit of the Renaissance Banskoand keeps the traditions alive.

History of two centuries

The building was built in 1820 by the young Bansko family of Nikola and KefalinaPumpalovi. It was built in the typical Revival Bansko style (Bansko fortified house) and bears all its architectural features. Like all houses built during this period, the house is on two floors, has thick stone walls, a high fence and a spacious yard, a wide, open veranda and of course many hiding places and secret passages.

The architecture of the building is truly unique, but what makes the house “DedoPene” one of the symbols of the city is rather the fact that it is not just a family house, but works as an inn for nearly two centuries (with a short break). In this inn, the Pumpalovi family for many years welcomes with tasty dishes and warm bedding anyone who passes through the city and seeks shelter or conversation.

Under his roof, the people of Bansko gathered to “discuss” politics, to trade, to rejoice and mourn together. The inn welcomed guests during the Ottoman rule and after the Liberation of the country, until the end of the Second World War and the coming of the communist regime.

After the regime came to power, the building was confiscated by its rightful owners, became state property, and was managed by various state institutions for several decades. Due to the preserved authentic architecture in 1956 the house was declared a cultural monument.

After the democratic changes in Bulgaria, DedoPene’s heirs managed to regain their property, and in 1992 one of them decided to revive it for a new life and to continue the traditions of his family. LyubenPumpalov (third generation of the Pumpalovi family) rolled up his sleeves and restored the house to its original appearance and opened the tavern to visitors. From then until today, the pub is one of the most visited and loved places to eat and talk with friends.

What will you find if you visit the house “DedoPene” today?

The pub

The furniture in the pub is entirely in a traditional styleof Bansko. The atmosphere is cozy, very pleasant and extremely calm. “DedoPene” is one of the few places where anyone who crosses its threshold seems to go back in time.

From the massive wooden structures and the thick stone walls, the heavy wooden tables, the fireplace, to the decoration with authentic objects from the Revival Bansko, everything is made with great taste and great love for the traditions of the city.

The house "DedoPene" Bansko

The menu

And the menu – you will really like it and you will want to try a lot of everything. Here the dishes are prepared as they were prepared in the past. The vegetables are grown on site and are extremely fresh and fresh, the aromatic herbs and spices are picked high in the mountains, and the dishes are prepared according to old family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

The service

No dish will be so tasty if it is not served with a smile, right?Well, in this Bansko pub you will be greeted by the most smiling girls and boys. They will welcome you at the door, will accommodate and serve you quickly, competently and with great desire, so that you feel not as guests, but as part of the family. And the owner will appear at your table at some point to ask if you need anything and if you are happy with the dishes they have prepared for you.

The hotel

DedoPene” is not only a superb pub where you can eat deliciously. There is also a hotel part where you can stay if you choose. The rooms are not many, but they are very comfortable, spacious and equipped with everything you need to relax fully. The furniture is selected in great taste and fully corresponds to the Revival style of the house.

Where is the house “DedoPene”?

Everyone you ask in Bansko will guide you in exactly the right direction for two seconds. Because as we have already mentioned, this building is not only one of the symbols of the city, but also located in the heart of OldBansko.

The house is located literally 5 meters from the massive stone fence of the other symbol of the city – the church “Holy Trinity”, so you can not miss it. But if you still want to know its exact address, it is: Bansko, 1 Alexander Buynov Str.

When can you visit “DedoPene”?

The restaurant is open all year round and has no day off. Its working hours are from 11.00 to 23.00. As it is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, our advice is if you plan to visit it and enjoy the unique atmosphere and delicious dishes of “DedoPene” to make a reservation in advance.

The house "DedoPene" Bansko

If you have already visited the famous pub, we are sure that you can’t wait to return to Bansko and visit it again. If you haven’t done it yet the next time you’re in the resort town, be sure to immerse yourself in the amazing and very cozy atmosphere of the pub.

Here they will welcome you as dear and long-awaited guests, will serve you very professionally and will offer you to some of the most delicious and fragrant dishes prepared according to old family recipes. And while you eat and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, an orchestra will take care of your good mood, which will perform popular melodies from the authentic folklore of Banskoespecially for you and the guests of the pub.

Did you know that?

  • The house has been called “DedoPene” since its construction. After the Pumpalovi family decided to open an inn, they named it after their young son Peter. But because in the Bansko dialect Peter is fondly pronounced as Pene, the inn became popular under the name “Pene”.
  • The pub is a member of the association “Unique Bansko”, whose main goal is to preserve the authentic cuisine that the city is proud of. As a member of the association, the restaurant offers traditional cuisine prepared according to old family recipes while adhering to the high standard of food it offers.
  • “DedoPene” is one of the few pubs of Bansko, where you can prepare a special vegetarian, gluten-free or other type of dish upon prior request. And if you want to try something special, and it is not available in the menu, again you will not have a problem, because the restaurant will try to satisfy your desire and prepare a special dish for you that you want to eat.
  • The pub has a rich and diverse cellar and can offer you a wide range of qualityBulgarian and foreign alcohol and beer. The restaurant also has a very large variety of high quality wines produced in the best wine regions of the country and abroad.