Huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain

Are you planning to get to know the beautiful Pirin Mountain a little closer? Perhaps you have already made a plan on which peak to conquer, which path to take, which popular (or not so popular) sight to see. And have you informed about the huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain, which can be very useful if you decide to spend the night high in the mountains? If you have not already done so, then you have come to the right place. 

Shelters in Pirin mountain

Huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain

Vihren hut

This hut is the starting point for many routes. It is located on Banderitsa River, at an altitude of 1950 meters.

You can reach it by car from the town of Bansko, or if you prefer to walk, you can follow the marked trail that starts from the end of Bansko.

The hut has two large buildings and several bungalows, and if you decide to spend the night there, before continuing on the route you have chosen in advance, then you can easily do so, because Vihren hut has a total capacity of 196 beds available per night. You can choose whether to sleep in the common spaces, whether to rent a room with fewer beds or to sleep in the bungalows. In addition, you have to option to choose where and what to eat, as there is a restaurant (seasonal), kitchen, bar and canteen in the hut. 

If you do not have a precise plant of which route to take, the options with starting point Vihren hut are many. For example, you can go to Vihren peak on the „Tsarska pateka”/Royal route/ (2.30 hours), you can reach Koncheto through the Vihren peak (4 – 5 hours), or the Kazana shelter (2.00 hours), or you can go to Sinanitsa hut (4.00 hut) or to Demyanitsa hut (4.30 hours).

Banderitsa hut

Banderitsa is a hut that is no less popular among the fans of long routes. This mountain treasure is located on the Banderitsa River at an altitude of 1810 meters. It has two beautiful and solid buildings (old and new) and several bungalows. 

Its accommodation capacity is 200 beds, as there are 95 beds in the new building, and 73 beds in the old building. 30 more beds are available in the bungalows. There is a restaurant, bar, kitchen and a canteen in the hut. 

Where can you go from Banderitsa hut?

Routes that begin or pass through the hut are many, as some of the most popular ones are leading to Vihren peak (2.50 hours), to Kutelo peak (2.50 hours), and others.  

How to get to the hut? 

Well, from Bansko of course!

Bezbog hut 

Bezbog is one of our favorite huts because it is one of the most accessible huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain. It is situated on the store of the Bezbozhko Lake at an altitude of 2236 meters. Bezbog really has only one building, but it has five floors and its accommodation capacity is 140 beds. 

If you decide to spend the night in the hut, you can choose whether to sleep in the common rooms or in an apartment with a private bathroom and toilet. And here, as in the other huts you will not be left hungry, because Bezbog hut has a restaurant, café and a small shop. 

The routes starting from the hut will take you to Bezbog peak (hour and a half), Polezhan peak (2.30 hours), Popovo Lake (hour and a half) or to Demyanitsa hut (four hours).

How to get there?

The fastest and easiest way to Bezbog hut is from Dobrinishte in the direction to Pirin hut, and from there you have two options: to walk or to use the lift. 

Demyanitsa hut

Demyanitsa is situated on the watershed of three rivers: Vasilashka, Strazhishka and Valyavishka. The height at which it is located is 1895 meters. The hut is a two-storied mansard building with a capacity of 217 beds. The accommodation conditions include shared rooms, and the toilets are outside. On the first floor of the hut there is a restaurant, and in the neighboring building there is a separate kitchen, canteen and a small store. 

In addition to the building, there are comfortable bungalows that you can rent if you want more privacy or if you decide to spend the weekend there.

Which direction to choose from Demyanitsa hut?

The popular paths that start from the hut lead to the peaks: 

  • Vihren (4.30 hours) and Polezhan (3.30 hours)
  • Valyavishki Lakes (2.00 hours)
  • Todorini ochi (2.30 hours), and so on.

If you are looking for easy hiking you can choose to go to Bezbog hut (5.00 hours) or Kamenitsa (5.40 hours).

How to get to the hut?

There is a path above Bansko that will take you straight to the Banderitsa hut. 

Yavorov hut

The hut is located at an altitude of 1740 meters. It has two buildings with a capacity of 90 beds. Most of the rooms are shared, but there are also a few apartments. There is a restaurant and a buffet in the hut. 

From Yavorov hut you can go to Yavorova meadow (it will take you about an hour), Haidushka cheshma (you will need about 40 minutes), Predel hut, and so on.

How to get there?

Your starting point is Razlog, and there are two options – either to get there by car and directly reach the doors of the hut or to walk and follow the marked path that you will find above Razlog.  

Kamenitsa hut 

Kamenitsa is a three-storied building. It is located at an altitude of 1750 meters on the shores of Kozya River, as its capacity is 90 beds. As in most huts, most of them have common sleeping spaces, but there are also double rooms and rooms with more beds. On the first floor of the hut there is a restaurant and small store, and on the ground floor – bathroom, kitchen and a canteen. 

From the hut you can get to: 

  • Kamenitsa peak (2.30 hours);
  • Kuklite peak and Kuklensko Lake (over 2.00 hours);
  • Yane Sandansky hut (1.30 hours), and so on.  

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Kamenitsa hut is by starting from the town of Sandansky. You can walk along the hiking trail or choose to shorten your hiking and travel by car. 

Chalet Pirin in the mountain

Pirin hut 

The hut is located in the Three Rivers area at an altitude of 1640 meters. The building has three floors with a total accommodation capacity of 78 beds (shared rooms and rooms with 4 or 6 beds). The sanitary facilities, bathrooms and wash basins are located outside the building. There is a canteen and a kitchen in the hut. 

From Pirin hut you can get to:

How to get there?

You have several starting points: from Rozhen Monastery (village of Rozhen), from the village of Pirin and from the town of Melnik.  

Sinanitsa hut 

It is located near the Sinanishko Lake and it is a two-storied building with 34 beds. There is a kitchen and a canteen on the first floor. 

Sinanitsa hut is a starting point for visiting tourist sites such as the Sinanitsa peak, Golyamo Spano pole cirqus, and so on.

How to get there?

Your starting point is the town of Kresna. You have to reach the Peshterata area by car, then you have to walk for 3 hours. 

Yane Sandansky hut

Yane Sandansky is located in the Popina luka area at an altitude of 1230 meters. The hut has three floors and a capacity of 70 beds. It offers both shared rooms and rooms with 2 to 7 beds. On the first floor of the hut there is a restaurant, canteen and a kitchen. 

Where to go from Yane Sandansky hut?

From the hut you can easily get to Popinolushki waterfall and Kamenitsa hut. If you are looking for a bigger challenge then you can make a hike to Sinanitsa hut (5.00 hours) or to Vihren hut (7.30 hours);

How to get there?

This hut, just like Bezbog hut, is one of the most accessible huts and shelters in Pirin Mountain. You can get there by taking the asphalt road from the town of Sandansky. 

Tevno Lake shelter

The shelter is located at an altitude of 2512 meters and is situated on the shore of Tevno Lake. The building is big and has two floors, as its capacity is 30 beds. The shelter is open all year round, but the staff is available only during the summer months. 

From the Tevno Lake shelter you can get to Dzhangal peak, Popovo Lake, Kamenitsa peak, Momin dvor peak, and so on. 

How to get there?

The starting point to the shelter is Bansko. You have to follow the marked trail and the time that you will need to get to the shelter is about 7 hours. 

Kazana shelter 

It is situated at an altitude of 2445 meters, on a rocky  area that separates the Golqm and Malak/Big and Small/ cirques. The shelter is not a very large shed that was built for the needs of the explorers of Pirin. There are no suitable accommodation conditions in the shelter. 

The natural sites that can be seen near the Kazana shelter are:

  • Premkata saddle;
  • Vihren and Kutelo peaks;
  • Koncheto shelter;
  • Banderitsa hut, and so on.

You can get to the shelter both from Banderitsa hut and from Vihren hut. 

Koncheto shelter 

Koncheto is the highest shelter in Pirin Mountain. It is located at Bayuvi dupki peak at an altitude of 2760 meters. In fact, the shelter is a simple wooden shed, which is attached to the rock with steel ropes.  Its capacity is 12 beds and you can spend the night there. 

Koncheto shelter in Pirin

Nearby are located the:

  • Banski suhodol peak;
  • Banderitsa hut, Vihren hut and Yavorov hut; 

You can reach the shelter from the town of Razlog.

Spano pole shelter

It is located in the Malko Spano pole cirque at an altitude of 2050 meters. It has wooden bungalows with a capacity of 20 beds, as well as equipped kitchen and canteen.  

Nearby sites are – the Sinanitsa hut, Kamenitsa hut, Yane Sandansky hut, and so on.

Starting point for Spano pole shelter is the town of Sandansky.