Summer vacation in the mountain – why not?

Summer vacation in the mountain – why not?

Many people wonder why would someone choose the mountain in the summer when everyone would prefer to escape to the sea? The answer would not surprise anyone. The mountain in summer is a paradise – cool, beautiful, peaceful. Ideal escape from reality, a way to relax without having to face crowds of people, high temperatures and other issues. Last but not least, summer offers for getaways in the mountains are quite tempting. There are promotional offers for summer in the mountains with included treatments, outdoor activities and many other interesting things up for grabs.

Mountain river in Bansko | Lucky Bansko

The mountain in the summer offers an incredible experience. On the one hand, people can enjoy the greenery that floods the eye. On the other hand, the tranquility spread to every corner of the mountain, boosts our positivism and energy for action. We are, after all, taking a vacation – we need time to spend with ourselves, with our loved ones, to take a break from the noise and everyday life, from the work and angels, from the telephones and the Internet.

What are the activities offered by the mountains during the summer?

Mountain River | Lucky Bansko

In addition to all the opportunities for walking and trekking in the mountains during summer vacation, there are different games to be played in the open. You could also have a picnic, take a climb, get to know nature from another perspective.

Most hotels have outdoor swimming pools, and when weather allows it, you can relax by the pool, soaking in the sunshine. Usually August is the most favorable and warm month for mountain sun-bathing.

Summer is a favorite season for children’s camps. It is in the mountains that the children have the freedom to have fun in the fresh air, to be calm because the atmosphere allows them to grow and rediscover the world around them. If you are still hesitating between a camp at the sea or the mountain – choose the mountain. There the children are truly happy and safe.

How to choose the best place in the mountain for your summer vacation?

To make your holiday worthwhile, you need to carefully choose where to stay. Explore the hotels carefully and choose the one that suits your needs – price, entertainment, location, nutrition, extras, and more.

The most important thing is to feel good and rested. This will help you with the various relaxation procedures offered at your chosen hotel. Specially selected massages for every type of skin will relax and satisfy even the most discerning. And while you’re on a relaxing procedure, kids can have fun outdoors. Feel more beautiful by taking advantage of the beauty treatments offered at the hotel – facial and body therapies, to erase the stress and age of your face and body, and why not give you extra confidence.

Choose a family-friendly hotel. Aqua-entertainment vacation is becoming more and more preferred. You do not have to be at sea for the children to play cheerfully. All you need is few pools with well-maintained temperature and the all-day fun can begin.

It is no secret that sleeping is better up in the mountain. Birds are chirping, the air is clean, it is quiet – all you need to wake up energized and happy, ready for new experiences. Why not go on a mountain hike, collecting herbs and wild fruits? The Bulgarian mountains offer many pleasant experiences for everyone. If you love the heights, take the lift and prepare for some unforgettable photos.

There it is – your dream summer vacation is coming true. But where? Up in the mountain – whole other world, a wonderful vacation.