Fishing in Belitsa

Fishing in Belitsa

Belitsa is a unique place that impresses with its rich nature and variety of natural and cultural attractions. The region of Belitsa offers excellent conditions for the development of all types of tourism – traditional, eco and rural.

With its perfectly preserved natural environment and favorable location Belitsa is an attractive center for all who love nature, history, Bulgarian traditions and authentic Bulgarian cuisine.

It is recommended for fishing fans not to miss visiting the municipality of Belitsa, where they can find extremely beautiful places for fishing.

Fishing in Belitsa

Fishing activity in Belitsa

Belitsa is undoubtedly a great place for fishing or just a walk in nature. The rivers Votruchka and Belishka pass through the region of Belitsa. The high mountain parts of these rivers also offer fishing conditions.

Fishing in Belitsa

There passes the river Mesta, which affects the climate in the area. Warm Mediterranean air penetrates along the river, which is due to the milder and warmer climate in the municipality compared to neighboring municipalities.

The avid fishermen are recommended to visit the Pesho fishpond in the direction of the village of Dolno Draglishte. The fishpond is located 2 km. from Belitsa near Draglishko Lake.

Fishing in Belitsa

Pesho fishpond

If you love fishing, then this place will definitely intrigue you. The Pesho fishpond is 2 km away from Belitsa on the route to the mountain resort “Semkovo”.

The fishpond is located on an area of 8 decares and includes two lakes for fish farming and a restaurant. It is an excellent place for practicing sport fishing.

The fishpond also offers an animal corner (where rabbits, dogs, quails, chickens, turkeys are raised), a playground, a Russian bath. To the south at a distance of 2 km. from Pesho’s Fishpond in the Trestov dol area there is a artificial lake in which they raise fish.

The region through which the 6 eco-trails of Belitsa pass includes the trout and barbel zone of the rivers. They are part of the Aegean watershed.

Fishing in Belitsa

The crystal clear waters of the Stankova, Gradinska, Belishka and Mesta rivers offer opportunities for fishing. They offer a good opportunity for all fishermen to enjoy their favorite hobby.

According to literature data, there should be about 13 species of fish in the area, but recent studies of Rila National Park have found only 5 species.

A possible reason for this is probably the fact that so far mainly the middle reaches of the rivers have been studied, and the border of the nature park is over 1000 m above sea level. The Rila lakes have not been studied.

Anyone who wants to fish in the region must have a fishing ticket. Fishing is allowed only in permitted regions with markings and permitted seasons.

Apart from the fishermen, Belitsa has a lot to offer to the fans of extreme sports. In the spring the flood of the Belishka River occurs and then there are conditions for performing extreme descents.

Fishing in Belitsa

In the areas of Stenitsa and Babina Dupka there are rock formations with vertical walls, which offer opportunities for exciting adventures for fans of rock climbing. The Babina Dupka area is located near the Belitsa Dancing Bears Nature Park. And those of you who like cycling can take advantage of the large number of large and small alpine trails, which offer beautiful views.

Fishing in Belitsa

Interesting facts about Belitsa

With its 11,400 inhabitants, Belitsa is one of the smallest municipalities in southwestern Bulgaria. Although the region is not one of the most famous tourist destinations in Bulgaria, it certainly has something to offer every tourist.

Despite its small size, the region of Belitsa municipality has combined a variety of natural cultural and historical sites that are worth visiting.

The municipality of Belitsa is located in the district of Blagoevgrad and occupies an area of 293.5 sq. kKm. Neighboring the municipality of Belitsa are the villages of Dobarsko, Yurukovo, Lyutovo, Babyak, Gorno Draglishte. Belitsa borders the municipalities of Bansko, Samokov, Razlog, Velingrad, Yakoruda.

The territory of Belitsa municipality includes a total of 12 settlements – 1 town and 12 villages, some of which are located in the high mountainous parts of the Rhodopes.

Fishing in Belitsa

The town of Belitsa, which is the main administrative center of the municipality, has 3980 inhabitants. In winter the climate in the city is mild and in the mountains it is cold. The summer season is warm with little rainfall.

In the region of Belitsa comes Mediterranean air from the river Mesta. In fact, this air has been shown to have a beneficial effect on people with lung disease. Spring and autumn are the most suitable seasons for balneology in Belitsa for lung diseases.

What else can we find in Belitsa?


Fishing in Belitsa


 “Kazanite” waterfalls are located 2 km from the historic site of Raven and 8 km. from Belitsa in the area “Stenitsi”. Their total length is 1.5 m. and are located along the Belishka River.

The “Kazanite” consist of three groups of several waterfalls, which in shape resemble cauldrons and flow into each other to form a chain. The highest waterfall in the group is 3.5 m.

Near the waterfalls are Belishki rocks and the area Babina Dupka, which overlooks the valley Belishka river. The place is ideal for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing in Belitsa

 “Belishka Pastrina” Waterfall Cascade

The natural landmark “Belishka Pastrina” is part of a gorge, which covers Belishki rocks and the area Babina Dupka. It is a group of over eight small waterfalls with a height between 2 and 7 meters. The waterfalls bear this name because there are various types of waterfalls.

Fishing in Belitsa

The waterfall cascade is located in the heart of a dense oak forest 7 km from Belitsa and occupies a total of 400 m.:

  • The first of the waterfalls that form the cascade is “Babini Kazane” with a height of 3 m.
  • The second – “Green Waterfall” with a height of 6 m.
  • The third – “Gutter“, which is 2 m high.
  • The fourth – “Jump” 2 m high. The fifth – “Waterfall of geranium” also 2 m high. From here you can see Belishki rocks.

The sixth waterfall from the cascade is “Dvata kamena” (which in itself is a small waterfall group of two waterfalls), the seventh – “Babino Padalo” with a height of 6 m and the eighth – “Triskoka” with a height of 7 m of three small waterfalls.

Fishing in Belitsa

The best time to visit the waterfalls near Belitsa is in spring, autumn or after rainy weather.

Winter fiesta “Bela Itza”

Every year at the end of February in Belitsa is held a two-day winter fiesta, which is attended by residents of the town.

Winter fiesta “Bela Itza” includes folklore performances by amateurs from the municipality and the Blagoevgrad region, fun games, sports competitions. It includes tourists, students from Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”, the Technical University, New Bulgarian University and University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

The venue of the fiesta is Semkovo, which is 17 km. from Belitsa.