10 reasons to choose a mountain vacation in the summer

Beach in the mountains | Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Every year you ask yourself where to go for your summer vacation? You love the sea, you love the mountain, and your decision is very difficult, especially when your free days are numbered and you want to make the most of your summer vacation.

So, how to decide between the beach and mountains?

Your holiday in summer: mountains or beach?

Let’s put it on the scales.

On the one hand, the sea vacation looks very attractive, especially if you like to party until dawn. Beachfront entertainment, golden sands, romantic walks on the beach… and more, and more, and more.

On the other hand, a family vacation on the mountain seems to you to be slightly monotonous, as you think holidays in resorts such as Bansko are worth it only in the winter.

Let’s see if we will change your mind about the mountain holiday and your choice to have a family vacation in Bansko!

Why relax on a mountain, and exactly in Bansko, which is popular as one of the best winter ski resorts?

10 reasons to prefer a mountain vacation in the summer

Our ten reasons include:

The Pirin Mountain

Bansko is situated at the feet of one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria – the Pirin mountain. Imagine waking up in the morning, and the first thing you see is the blue hilltops, and the sun is peculiarly peeking over the peaks…

The natural magnificence of the Pirin Mountain is among the top reasons to choose a family vacation in Bansko. Your entertainment options will be virtually countless – from a picnic to a lawn overlooking Bansko to a stroll to one of the many waterfalls, lakes, or other natural landmarks in the city’s immediate surroundings.

You can also jump to the neighboring Dobrinishte and climb the Bezbog peak. As soon as you step up, we assure you that you will forget all your cares, along with all regrets that you’ve chosen a mountain vacation instead of hitting the beach.

Tranquility and Peace

Museum complex in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

For both active and peaceful holiday seekers, Bansko is the perfect solution during a vacation in summer. As the city is truly one of the most popular ski resorts, in winter, it is full of tourists from around the world who come to the town to enjoy the city’s beautiful ski slopes.

However, Bansko is a small oasis of tranquility and quietness in the summer and provides its guests with the relaxation they need. When staying in a good hotel in Bansko, you will hear no distasteful noises and loud music until late at night, so you will be able to unwind to the fullest.

During the summer holidays in the mountains, you will not be angry that you can hardly venture into the crowds of tourists on the streets, and you can not look at a museum or a landmark in peace. Instead, you will be waking up in the serenity of the hills, ready for adventures and full of energy.


It is really quiet in Bansko in the summer, but that does not mean you won’t find many fun things to do and ways to enjoy yourself during a holiday in the mountains.

“Banskalee” (people from Bansko) have ensured enough fun for their guests during the summer season so that you won’t miss the summer attractions at all.

So, depending on your preferences, you can choose to go down the longest water slide in Europe (400 m.), play mini-golf, learn to ride a horse, ride bikes around the mountain, or enjoy several SPA and beauty treatments at your hotel in Bansko.

As we mentioned SPA procedures, Bansko and the region are popular with their open mineral pools, so here you are – at the beach in a mineral pool! Why choose between beach or mountains, when you can have both?

And that’s not all. Bansko is also very accommodating to the tourists who appreciate sporting attractions and a rich cultural program. In the summer, the city hosts various music festivals with local and international artists, open stages, and performances by local folklore groups.


Beans at Leonardo Restaurant | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

If you have never visited Bansko for a summer in the mountains before, you probably haven’t heard of the outstanding Bansko cuisine. The culinary masterpieces that will offer you in every restaurant and hotel in Bansko will make your stay truly unforgettable.

We do not say it because we are biased (well, maybe just a little). We say it because Bansko is a popular culinary destination on a European scale.

Some of the amazing homemade dishes you can try include:

  • Beans in a pot
  • Banska Kapama
  • Pie with homemade egg and cheese
  • Special mountain cuisine recipes passed down from generation to generation
  • Cold rakia or wine, etc.

So, when discussing the advantages of a family vacation in the summer mountains Bansko, foodies are usually the first to book their stay.

Fresh air

There is no polluted air in the mountain, and you already know that. But do you know that in the Pirin Mountain, the air is not only pure but also healing? Bansko is located where the healing effect of air helps many diseases like asthma, chronic pneumonia, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and others.

Therefore, mountain summer holidays in a hotel in Bansko have a great effect on the children. The youths will have the opportunity to strengthen their immunity and improve their respiratory health by breathing truly pure mountain air.

The idea of a summer vacation in the mountains just keeps getting better, right?

History and Culture

Museum of Neofit Rilski in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Bansko has a remarkable history, and the spirit that the town still bears distinguishes it from all other cities that offer just mountain view holidays.

The people of Bansko keep their traditions and culture. If you walk in the central part of the city, you will see tens of museum houses, old churches, and century-old monuments.

Here are born Neofit Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski, Nikola Vaptsarov, and many other great Bulgarians, each left his trail in the history of Bansko and Bulgaria.

Markets and Shopping

Wouldn’t you like it if, at the end of your family vacation in Bansko, you take with you freshly picked local herbs, fresh natural honey, aromatic spices, or some of the famous Bansko preserved meats?

The markets in Bansko are unique centers offering fully natural products grown and produced high in the mountain, where everything is clean. These are natural products, and we are sure you will not find such in any store in your city.

If you’re wondering where to begin, the staff of any hotel in the mountain will give you guidance on the best local producers and their locations.

Traditional local workshops

There are many small workshops in Bansko which you can visit during your summer mountain holidays.

Here, local people offer various souvenirs, pottery, costumes, and other traditional items that are sure to make a great impression if you’re a foreigner. We are confident that you will take some memories of your family vacation in Bansko, and you’d love to take them home with you as a memory of the best holidays in the mountains of Bulgaria.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Bansko | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Historic landmarks

Are you worried that if you stay in a hotel in Bansko you will have to remain only in the city and there will not be anywhere to go? Do not worry at all!

If you like to explore historical landmarks, apart from those within the city (the Neofit Rilski’s house, the Beninata house, the Nikola Vaptsarov’s museum house, the Veljova house, the Holy Trinity Church, the ethnographic museum.

“The Revival House” and the monument of Paisii Hilendarski), you can also head to:

• The “St. Nikola” archaeological complex;
• The “Sitan kale” late antique fortress;
• The “Shipotzko” area;
• “The Old Garden” Fortress, etc.

Gladly, many organized mountain holidays and excursions will take you exactly where you want to be around the area.

The combination of sea and mountain will benefit your children

If you do not want to give up the sea and prefer to divide your summer vacation between the sea and the mountains, it will greatly benefit your children.

At the seashore, the little ones will have the opportunity to enjoy the beach and get some tan. And after you leave the seashore, the Pirin Mountain will give them fresh air, mountain walks, and many outdoor games in the meadows of Bansko.

The combination of mountain and beach will enhance their natural immunity, and in the winter, kids will rarely become ill.

And for adults, the mixture of sea and mountain will bring the peace of mind needed for recharging the batteries completely until next summer.

Waterfall beautiful photo | Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Bonus: Good prices for the hotels in Bansko during the summer

We decided to give you only 10 reasons for a family vacation in Bansko in the summer, but we can not miss mentioning another reason to choose the mountain instead of the sea.

In the summer, the prices of the hotels in Bansko are much lower and more affordable compared to the sea prices. This is because the winter season is active in Bansko.

Therefore, choosing to relax in the mountains will not only make you feel wonderful, but you will cost much less for a hotel in Bansko than in any complex by the sea.

And if that’s not a good reason to rest in the summer mountain!

Why choose a summer vacation in the mountains?

We gave you ten plus one reasons to relax in Bansko in the summer, but we can give you 100 more, and we are sure you will like them all.

We do not argue that the sea holiday is also a good solution, but you will hardly find the peace, quietness, and beauty that Pirin Mountain gives you.

So we hope the next time you hesitate between the sea or the mountain for a family vacation, you’d remember the reasons and head to Bansko – the most beautiful town in the Pirin mountain.