The taverns in Bansko

Bansko is not only one of the most popular and visited resorts in our country, but also one of the most preferred destinations for wine and culinary tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists choose Bansko for one major reason – the great cuisine that can only be tasted here.If you also have chosen Bansko for your vacation, we are sure that you would not miss to try the traditional cuisine of Bansko. We are sure that since you arrived in the town, you started looking for the best place to eat that can offer you a pleasant atmosphere, good service, delicious Bansko cuisine and decent prices.

The taverns in Bansko

Finding the best tavern in Bansko is hard work, first, because the restaurants in which you can eat are more than 300 and second – because everyone has his own idea and preferenceswith regard to which restaurant is the most pleasant, the most comfortable and where the food is prepared in the best way.

To make your choice a little easier, we did a survey and compiled a short guide to the most popular taverns in Bansko.

The taverns in Bansko


“Vodenitsata” tavern is one of the most preferred dining options in Bansko and there is a reason for that. The atmosphere is very pleasant, simple and very cozy. The interior is almost entirely of wood, stone and wrought iron, and the fact that the restaurant is under the ground floor of the house gives it even more charm.

At “Vodenitsa” you can taste more than 50 authentic dishes of the traditional Bansko cuisine, as well as a wide range of homemade Bansko appetizers and a selection of wines that will appeal to you very much.

If you decide to eat at the „Vodenitsata” tavern, we recommend that you try the specialties n coal, which are prepared directly on the table and in front of your eyes. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of red, white wines and aged brandy made in the region that is worth a try.

The folk group “Banski starchetawill take care of your good mood, as they perform authentic songs from the region.

The “Vodenitsata” tavern is located in the center of the townand its exact address is: N1, Hristo Botev str.

„Zehtindzhieva house”

The“Zehtindzhieva House” tavern is one of the oldest taverns in Bansko and is one of the most visited places in the town. The tavern will fascinate you not only with its traditional interior, but also with the dishes prepared according to old Bansko recipes. The restaurant offers a very wide variety of typical regional dishes, appetizers and desserts, which are prepared with homemade products.

If you decide to enjoy a wonderful evening at the tavern “Zehtindzhieva House” we strongly recommend that you try the specialties prepared on coals, traditional baked breads with butter and spices, lamb soup, Katino appetizer, and so on.

While eating delicious meals, an orchestra will take care of your mood, filling your soul with Bulgarian and Macedonian songs. And if you want to take part in the chain dance, nothing stops you to do so.

The address of the tavern “Zehtindzhieva House” is N11 Georgi Kovachev“street.

„Matsurev han”

“Matsurev han” tavern is a strong attraction center for all fans of home-made food and selected wines. The restaurant works from 2006 and since then it has never stopped surprising its guests with traditional dishes, fine service and pleasant live music.

The interior of the tavern is decorated in a typical Bansko style. The heavy wooden tables with colorful tablecloths, the walls covered in stone and wood, the huge fireplace that in winter warms the whole room… the entire atmosphere seems to carry the guests back toBansko during the Bulgarian Revival Period.

Matsurev hantavern offers a rich menu with over 300 types of salads, over 200 dishes of thetraditional cuisine of Bansko and over 70 types of white and red wines.

If you visit the tavern while you are in the town, we recommend that you try the homemade Bansko appetizers, and in particular the Bansko kreshchina (Bansko leg) and the specialties of the housekeeper – Bansko Kapama, roast lamb, home-made sheep’s milk with berries, chomelk, and so on.

The “Matsurev han” tavern is located at N15 Otets Paisii“ St., just about a hundred meters from the “St. Trinity”church.

The taverns in Bansko

„Momini dvori”

The “Momini dvori” tavern is another one of the taverns in Bansko where you can enjoy delicious Bansko cuisine in a very pleasant atmosphere. The interior is made of wood and stone, which stand out on the background of the white plaster. Unlike most typical taverns, at “Momini dvori” you can taste both traditional Bulgarian and European cuisine. The restaurant is also the only one that offers demo cuisine or, to put it n other words, you can watch the preparation of your dish in front of  you.

If you visit the “Momini dvori” tavern, we recommend that you try the homemade Bansko specialties, grilled delicacies or the uniquely delicious sach prepared there. Be sure to try also the selected white and red wines or the aged hot brandy.

If you like live music, it’s good to know that there are some popular artists performing at the tavern on certain days of the week.

The address of the Momini Dvori tavern is N1 Pirin Str.


The „Bansko”tavern is an extremely colorful place that will charm you with its cozy atmosphere, fast and polite service, good music and incredibly delicious dishes from the cuisine of Bansko and from the national Bulgarian cuisine.

The tavern is preferred by the people in Bansko and the guests of the town because of the incredible atmosphere, live music and the wide variety of salads, dishes, appetizers and drinks it offers.

If you decide to spend an enjoyable evening at the “Bansko” tavern, we recommend that you try the local and fish specialties, kapama, homemade Bansko appetizers (sudzhuk, Banski starets, and so on), pancakes with homemade marmalade or honey and walnuts, as well as the aromatic white and red wines.

The “Bansko” tavern is located about 200 meters from the “Saint Trinity” church on Pirin Str.

 „Dedo Yonkata”

“Dedo Yonkata“tavern is located in a house with a 100-year history, which gives it a special charm and a dose of mysticism. The restaurant is located on two floors of the house, and during the summer months tables are available on the open veranda. Every day guests of the tavern can enjoy live music that elevates the mood to the max.

The tavern offers a varied menu of traditional Bansko cuisine, with dishes prepared with products that are grown in the gardens of local Bansko residents. Here you can taste popular Bansko dishes such as chomelk, kapama, banski sudzhuk, Katino appetizerand others, as well as European and Mediterranean cuisine.

If you decide to try the delicious dishes of the “Dedo Yonkata” tavern, we recommend that you try the game specialties from the game, the Bansko appetizers and at least a bottle of wine from the restaurant’s own cellar.

“Dedo Yonkata” tavern is located at N84 Pirin Street.

The taverns in Bansko

„Lovna sreshta”

The “Lovnasreshta”tavern impresses as soon as you reach its doorstep. Here you can enjoy again the typical Bansko interior (combination of wood, stone and wrought iron), which is enriched by hunting trophies placed on the walls. The atmosphere is pleasant, the service good and the meals you can taste are irresistibly delicious. You can try traditional Bansko cuisine as well as European and international cuisine at the „Lovnasreshta” tavern.The restaurant also has a great variety of home-made wines.

If you visit the tavern, we recommend that you try the Bansko specialties – kapama, pork with vegetables on sach, cold banski appetizers, pork or chicken skewers, homemade marmalade, pancakes with honey and walnuts.

The “Lovnasreshta” tavern is located at N29 Pirin Street.

„Obetsanova tavern”

Everyone who comes to Bansko for the first time has to visit the “Obetsanova tavern” at least once. This is the oldest tavern that works in the town and can offer you a pleasant atmosphere and live music as well as traditional Bansko cuisine.

If you decide to visit the “Obetsanovatavern”, we recommend that you try the dishes with game meat, traditional Bansko dishes such as kapama and chomlek, and home-made wine and brandy.

The tavern is located next to Saint Trinity church, on N 1 Vazrazhdane Square.


If after a walk in the center of Bansko you are hungry and looking for a nice place to enjoy the delicious cuisine, then the “Metoha” tavern will appeal to you. The tavern is located just a few steps from the Saint Trinity church, just opposite the monument of Paisii Hilendarski.

The atmosphere that awaits you at “Metoha” is very pleasant, the interior is decorated in the typical Bansko style, and the menu of dishes, desserts and wines is abundant.

Here you can taste the incredibly delicious regional dishes – lamb and pork chops, kapama, banski starets, homemade sudzhuk, chomelk and many other delicious meals prepared by master chefs according to old family recipes.

And while you are eating out in the garden or in the closed part of the tavern, an orchestra will take care of your ideal evening as the group will perform popular songs from the region.

“Metoha” tavern is located at: N11 Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Str.

„Salt and Pepper” restaurant

And before we finish our very short list of taverns in Bansko, we will also introduce you the “Salt and Pepper” restaurant. The restaurant is quite popular among the tourists as it offers cozy atmosphere, pleasant music and a varied menu of traditional dishes and drinks from the Bansko region.

Here you can enjoy the typical Bansko choban salad, homemade eggplant mash, bean soup, roasted vegetables on sach, Banski starets or grilled sausage, kapama, chomlek, Katino appetizer, pork kebab, and so on.

The restaurant is located at N20 Nayden Gerov Street.

We tried to introduce you to some of the most popular taverns in Bansko, but if you find a restaurant that we have forgotten to mention but that caught your attention, do not miss it, but try it and see what might surprise you.