Social activities in Bansko

The popularity of Bansko is dueto theunique cuisine, incredible nature and the great conditions for summer and winter tourism it provides – this is an indisputable fact. However, if you set aside this fact, you will find that the town is just like any other town and it is inhabited by both people who are able to successfully cope with everything that their lives present, as well as people who need social assistance and support in difficult times for them.

Social activities in Bansko

Social activities in Bansko

A society will not make social progress unless it develops various activities that promote social change. That is why the municipality of Bansko, together with various public and social organizations and hotels likeLuckyBansko,develop an active social policy and work hard for the benefit of the people who need their support.

Types of social activities in Bansko

The social activities that take place in Bansko are quite numerous and we cannot list all of them, but if you are interested in getting acquainted with some of the popular projects that take place in the town, they are as follows:

2019 Child Protection Program

The Child Protection Program in Banskoaims to guarantee the right of every child to live in a safe family environment. Children from risk groups, as well as toddlers and young people with disabilities and their families, can benefit from the services of the Center for Social Integration, as well as from the“Zdravets”day care center for children and young people withdisabilities. In addition, the 2019Child Protection Program in Bansko includes:

● various social activities such as helping families to improve their living conditions

● assistance in obtaining cash and allowances

● providing an accessible school environment for children with disabilities, etc., etc.

The Municipality of Bansko and all schools and media in the town take part in the implementation of the Program projects.

Social worker for a day

For several years in a row, Bansko has been involved in the“Social Workerfor a day” world campaign. Both students from the high school upper classes and students from the professional high schools in the town can participate in the campaign. The goal of the campaign is for the childrenin Bansko to fulfill the role of a social worker for a day and meet face to face with reality, and to become more aware of the need for support that disadvantaged people need.

Protected homes

Protected homes have been an integral part of the social activities in Bansko for over 10 years. The main purpose of these homes is to provide a safe environment for mentally disabled children and adults. In the protected homes, people with intellectual disabilities are trained and developed so that they can more easily integrate into society at a later stage.

The project is under the patronage of the Municipality of Bansko, but hotels such as Lucky Bansko, who have an active social policy, support it and are ready to join at any time by conducting training courses on skills development, providing employment assistance or something else.

Supporting day care centers and nursing homes in the Municipality of Bansko

There are several nursing homes operating on the territory of Bansko, where older people can lead a peaceful and happy life. The homes are renovated and equipped with everything you need, and the old people can have fun organizing excursions, attending various cultural events and having enough free time to do whatever they like.

Day care centers for old people with disabilities offer day care to the elderly. Qualified staff takes care of their daily needs, as well as of their health and rehabilitation needs.

Retirement club

Theretirement clubs are popular across the country and are one of the most fun places for seniors to gather. The pensioners in Bansko are able to enjoy life and have fun. The members of the club regularly:

● visit different landmarks

● organize outings and hikes

● take part in singing competitions, folk dances

● organize chess competitions, backgammon

● or just get together at the club to see friends and have coffee together

Social patronage

It’s no secret that old people find it difficult to cope with their daily household duties, such as shopping and cooking. That is why the Municipality of Bansko offers social patronage to all the elderly people who need someone who will “open the doorfor them“, talk to them for a while and leave them freshly prepared food.

Organization of competitions

A very important part of the social activities in Banskoinvolves engaging children, older people andelderly with disabilities in participating in various competitions that contribute to their integration. Throughout the year in Bansko, competitions are organized in which people with disabilities participate with great desire and support. The money raised from these competitions is invested in day care centers or protected homes and nursing homes to improve their living conditions

Social activities in Bansko

How does the Lucky Bansko Hotel participate in or support the social activities in Bansko?

As one of the most popular hotels in the town, the Lucky Bansko Hotel has an active social policy and does not miss a chance to get involved in one of the many social activities that take place in Bansko. The hotel is invariably among the first sponsors when it is necessary to support homes and day care centers either with food or with financial resources.

The hotel‘s staff are also ready to assist with free transportation for the organization of excursions to nearby destinations or by providing halls for various cultural events and conferences related to social activities in the town.

Lucky Bansko also develops an active charity policy and regularly organizes donation campaigns aimed at raising the necessary funds for the treatment of people who need emergency and expensive surgery abroad.

The donation campaigns are organized by the owner of Lucky Bansko, and the funds raised are reported on Facebook pages specifically created for the campaigns to be completely transparent. If, in the course of any of the donation campaigns, the donated funds exceed the required amount, the remaining money is redirected to the accounts of other persons in need of treatment.

It is no secret for anyone in Bansko that the Lucky Bansko Hotel is a frequent host of ball parties and charity events aimed at raising funds to fight breast cancer. These balls bring together guests of the hotel and companies in Bansko to have fun together and raise funds to help treat some of the most severe women’s diseases of our time – breast cancer.

Part of the funds raised by the Lucky Bansko hotel at thewinter balls and charity nights are redirected to disadvantaged children living on the territory of the Municipality of Bansko. In this way, the hotel supports the children and gives them a chance to integrate successfully into society.

Lucky Bansko believes that social activities in Bansko are not only the responsibility of the Municipality and social institutions, but it is the responsibility of all residents of the town. That is why the hotel is getting involved in more and more social programs and initiatives organized by the municipality as well as by various foundations and non-profit organizations in the town.

Social activities in Bansko

Being personally involved, they do not miss to support any charity campaign that can improve the lives of children and the elderly, people with disabilities, or that can save or improve the quality of life of even one single person.