Great place for babies in summer


Great place for family vacation with babies in the summer. The apartments provide you with the comfort, if you have small kids. The food is great with big variety for breakfast and delicious dinner. The kids swimming pool gives you the comfort to play with the kids. There is a kids playroom that is well equipped. A disadvantage is that the restaurant is underground and if you use a baby-phone, this doesn’t have coverage/link with the room. However, the staff is very nice and could bring you the dinner at the apartment.

Recommendations: The outdoor kids playground is great. However, there is no any shadow and is not usable in the summer when the weather is hot. Some trees or tents could give shadow and allow the kids to play. An alternative for the visitors is to go to the city park, which is located 10-15 min walk from the hotel.



Matches 6-star hotels in Tokio


The hotel and service meet the 6 star hotel in Tokyo. The spa center is a wonderful, contemporary equipment and interior. I’m delighted by the receptionist, who was very kind. Congratulations to everyone.

Very impressed by the hotel


We are very impressed by the hotel.

We are his guests at the moment. The staff is polite and smiling, the facilities are very high, the kitchen is super, everything in the hotel is well done!

It is a pleasure for a person in Bulgaria to come into such a hotel!


Treatment at the hotel


I used the Ayurveda clinic, which is combined with the hotel, but I want to note and congratulate the staff of the entire Lucky Bansko that customer care is at a very high level. I do not imagine my treatment to be done in another clinic or another hotel!

The restaurants are great


The two restaurants, which are at the hotel, offer probably the best kitchen in Bansko and you do not have to go anywhere else around the city. It saves you time and you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Relaxation in hot days


The Aparthotel is great for relaxing in the extremely hot days and the landscape to the mountain is unforgettable. We are quite happy with our choice and we rate high the swimming pools.

Rating everything


I will rate everything with 5 stars but they truly deserve every single one!

Reception: 5 stars

Parking: 5 stars

Rooms: 5 stars

Bathrooms: 5 stars

SPA center: 5 stars

Room Service: 5 stars

Best hotel with the best employees



We am looking forward to meet you next weekend and come to the best hotel with the best employees!

Thank you!

S. Georgieva


We came back!


This year we had the option to spend only 2 family weekends and we chose Lucky Bansko both times! If we come for the third time, it will still be here!

We rate you with A mark!


From a mother with two children come to skiing in Bansko you have an excellent A mark!