Warm compliments and admiration


Please accept my warmest compliments and admiration of the overall vision and flawless organization that you created in the hotel "Lucky Bansko"
Your attention to detail is of such a high level that no customer who does not remain fascinated and surprised by any service even vesht- set and served always on the spot!


Perfect for ski vacation


It’s a perfect hotel for snowboarders or skiers with families. Since our daughter was born – I don’t have enough time, I don’t buy new equipment and I don’t have enough space in the car anyway. But this hotel offers both equipment and transportation; they take care of your child while you are enjoying the ski slopes.

Asen Marinov


Perfect organization of the hotel


I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of our teambuilding in your hotel. The service was excellent. The staff at the hotel were very polite and helpful. If problems occur they immediately find a solution so that we stay happy. The food in both restaurants was perfect. I was impressed by the waiter's service: they were always available, but at the same time do not bother with their presence. We loved and the new spa. The games in both Escape rooms were very entertaining. It was such a fun. In conclusion I can say that we are extremely pleased with the stay at your hotel and will gladly visit again!

S. Davidova


For people with kids!


We have four children and we usually have a lot of problems in hotels. But here everything went perfectly fine because of the personnel who were always there to help us and they definitely deserve the high ratings of the hotel. We also forgot a phone and a tablet which they have sent us home by courier. I cannot thank them enough, highly recommended for people with children!

Vasil Emilov


Lovely ski holiday


We want to express our immense gratitude to the entire staff of the hotel. With my husband and two children spent a unique vacation at the Lucky Bansko. We stayed there for 4 days and we were able to enjoy the ski slopes in Bansko. The entire organization was very good. Bravo again to the staff!

Petya Danchovska


Special thanks to the hotel


I want to thank you for the perfect attitude, assistance and organization!
Everything went great, people are very impressed and happy with the hotel and service. Everything was great 🙂
Kristina Mitovska, United Partners

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