I strongly recommend Lucky Bansko


Hello! I decided to share some useful information about the people who decided to come to your hotel. I signed up for the 14-day LuckyFit program, for which I was able to really lose weight in the winter. There were many additional excursions in the program. There was riding, swimming, dancing, and food was splendid and environmentally friendly. All this is served in an incredible 5-star atmosphere of the luxurious Lucky Bansko! So for all who have the desire to melt the kits a little and get positive thoughts, I strongly recommend Lucky Bansko and one of the LuckyFit programs!

A happy customer from Varnа


Hello, Lucky Bansko’s expensive team! A happy customer from Varna is writing to you. Three weeks ago, my husband and I decided to visit your hotel, using discounts from a family ski vacation package. We stayed for 7 nights. A time in which we managed to immerse ourselves in the incredible atmosphere of Bansko, make several excursions to nearby famous sights. We liked both the hotel service and the food at the alpine restaurant Fondue!

We will come back again, probably summer


Hello, Lucky Bansko, greetings from the Dinkovi family. We are very pleased with our stay at the hotel. We signed up for the Ski Holiday package and took great time for skiing in the mountains. Your future guests – we will say that we are very pleased with the accommodation, the service, the restaurants and the food (especially the new alpine restaurant Fondue). We will come back again, probably summer. Be healthy! Congratulations!

Greetings from Dimitrovi!


Greetings from the Dimitrovi family! We were guests of your hotel about 2 weeks ago and we decided to share your impressions. Everything at the hotel is really at a high level – from the staff, to the cleanliness of the apartments. During our visit, we decided to visit the alpine restaurant at the hotel, Fondue Restaurant, was amazing, the food was delicious and the atmosphere unbreakable. Congratulations. In addition, the spa was greatly impressed – we visited the salt room, the Finnish sauna and the hammam. It was a real unloading vacation in a very nice hotel.

Thank you for everything!

We will come again with pleasure!


Dear Mrs Teneva & Mrs Petrova

Thank you for offering us such a special Holiday. We was impressed about all your services. The rooms, Spa, kids facilities, ski facilities everything was at the highest level of comfort. The last but not the least, the food and the services in the restaurant was absolutely amazing. Despite of a very crowded period due to the kids vacancy you was perfect organized to help your guests to feel how comfortable could be possible.

All my group was very nice impressed and we want to thank you again for all your efforts done for one of the most enjoyable winter holiday. For sure we will come again with pleasure and we more friends in your hotel.

Best regards!

Great hotel, excellent mountain destination


For many years we have visited Bansko as a skiing mountain destination and for the second time we visit Lucky Bansko Aparthotel and for the second consecutive year we express our sincere charm. What we can bravely say as a first impression is cleanliness in the hotel. Besides the cleanliness and orderliness of the hotel, if you have decided to visit Lucky Bansko, you will also find exceptionally courteous and trained staff who are ready to assist you with the most detailed information. I also recommend visiting the hotel’s spa center, which has a lot of attractions.

The most amazing hotel in Bansko!


Incredible hotel. Wonderful atmosphere and very kind staff. I strongly recommend it!!!!



Tanya Uzunova

Special greetings from Rizovi


Special greetings from Rizovi and special congratulations to the SPA center! We stayed for 4 days at the hotel and we have to say that everything was very level. We most like the spa complex in the hotel.

It is very luxurious and has all the necessary facilities to make a wonderful relaxing vacation.
We recommend hot!

Rizovi family

We were guests in January 2018


We were Lucky Bansko’s Aparthotel guests in January 2018. We traveled with our sons (14 and 21 years old) and we had a great time there.

The hotel offers more than you expect, indeed. The staff is very friendly, helpful ( especially the receptionists). We really appreciate the transfer to the mountain -at Shiligarnik station – it was extremely helpful. It offered us the chance to be at the slopes early in the morning, with no concern of parking place. The ski room could be a little larger, but it is very helpful and warm.

The rooms are extraordinary clean and large, with everything we need. There is excellent Wi-Fi everywhere, our sons really used it all the time and appreciated the quality of connection.

We had accommodation with breakfast and dinner included.The breakfast was more that we could eat and very, very diversified.
At dinner it was a station with live cooking, very appreciated for the pasta made on spot.

The Spa was really appreciated by all members of our family, both for saunas, pool and also for massages.

We all want to come back at this great hotel and we want to thank to all the staff for offering us a great stay!

Gabriela Stoleriu

Lovely thank you for everything you did for us!


As I also wrote in your Facebook profile – it was from those days when the world seemed to stop to make you nice to you 🙂 .. and we were, a lot 🙂

As if nature had agreed to donate our last sunny days before the real winter – see what is out there now.

Were we pleased ?! I do not know how to start answering this question …

It was amazing for all of us! Everywhere I hear compliments, colleagues are extremely impressed with the stay. Today, this is just the comment on the corridors in our office. Everyone talks only about this incredible weekend that we had the pleasure of experiencing with you!

There is no two words – this is a hotel managed successfully. I have seen impeccable cleanliness, incredible spa area, great staff, great cuisine. I was pampered with a massage, because you are glory to you. In a word I do not know if it will be the most suitable for business correspondence – we are blurred !!!

Do not ask me whether we will be your guests again. YES, at the earliest opportunity!

I wish you to be healthy, to be an incredible team and to believe in the good! Be good people and good professionals!

I wish you a great season!

Hearty thanks for everything!

Looking forward to meet you again,