Like a fairy tale, bravo!


We visited the hotel thanks to an article over the Internet. Everything was a fairy tale – just as it was described. Bravo! Benkovi


Perfect service


Thank you for the perfect service! I’m setting the highest rating for this hotel. Zh. Pencheva


Kind and polite staff


Thanks from us and the other two friendly families which decided to stay with us at your wonderful hotel! You have a very kind and polite staff. Ani T.


Happy Easter, be happy!


Happy Easter! To the amazing ladies in the office I only wish health, happiness and prosperity!

I had a wonderful stay, a great part thanks to you. The hotel is good, the service is perfect, and the SPA centre is top notch! I hope to have the opportunity to visit it again!

Best regards,
​K. Stancheva


The whole family is satisfied


For me, a hotel is good when my wife and my kids come back happy from the vacation while I even had time to relax and chill. Lucky Bansko succeeds in this.


My deepest gratitude


You have my deepest gratitude for the wonderful service during my family vacation in your hotel! Most satisfied were the kids who had a lot of fun in various entertainment in the game rooms!


Wonderful SPA center!


We made a holiday for a whole family (2 adults with 2 children) and we did exactly what we were advising the articles that led us to this hotel! We left the children to professional babysitters to play with the other kids, and we spent half a day on the ski slopes and the other […]


The hotel is beautifully presented and the staff were welcoming and friendly


We recently stayed at the Lucky Bankso Hotel (2 adults and 1 child, aged 7) for our first skiing holiday to Bankso. I had read some great reviews on TripAdvisor, so was very much looking forward to staying here… on our arrival, my  first impressions of the hotel superseded any expectations I had!! The hotel is beautifully presented and the staff were welcoming and friendly.

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