Purifying of water with UV rays

Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Aparthotel is a hotel that is being continuously developed and innovated.

Our tourist product is aimed at meeting the needs and wishes of the client with a focus on the safe and healthy way of rest.

Bio pools in our new SPA center – for adults, children’s pool and a salt pool – are the only ones in Bansko whose disinfection is done with modern and completely harmless technology.

For this purpose, UV sterilizing lamps for microbiological water purification are used which is part of the Hidrolifesystemfor salt electrolysis; these lamps reduce the need for chemical treatment with upto 100%.

UV sterilization is one of the new and modern ways of disinfection of swimming pools and drinking water, applicable to both domestic and industrial installations.

Disinfection with ultraviolet sterilizing lamps has become an easy and effective method of destroying microbiological contamination in which way all bacteria, spores or viruses in the water are quickly and safely destroyed.

Special generators emitting light with a specified wavelength of 254 nanometers are used for this purpose.

According to studies carried out in the 250-270 nanometer spectrum, ultraviolet rays have the greatest impact on virtually all microorganisms without changing the chemical composition of the water, producing harmful compounds, adding any color, odor, flavor or aroma.

Advantages of UV disinfection:

  • fast and reliable result without the use of chemicals;
  • efficiency regardless of the pH of water;
  • free of harmful by-products;
  • no change in the taste and smell of the water.

Purifying of water with UV rays | Lucky Bansko