Company party in Lucky Bansko SPA § Relax – a well-deserved rest for your employees

Successful and strong teams do not only happen by hiring qualified employees and long hours spent in the office. Strong, working teams are built by performing joint activities, getting to know and uniting between team members. You know all this, so you are looking for the best place where your employees can have real fun and get to know each other better.

Company party in Lucky Bansko SPA § Relax - a well-deserved rest for your employees

Aparthotel Lucky BanskoSPA§Relax will meet all your expectations, even more.

Why stay at the Lucky Bansko hotel for the company’s team building?

As busy people, you hardly have much free time to organize a few days of rest and entertainment for all your employees. To cancel you in the difficult task, the hotel offers assistance in organizing company parties and team building. All you have to do is contact the hotel and stop at the specific dates on which you want to organize the holiday of your employees.

How does Lucky Bansko Hotel organize and contribute to a pleasant and cohesive team building?

It has conference rooms for company seminars

If you want to make a short gathering or want to use some of the time to hold a company seminar, the hotel has four well-equipped conference rooms with different capacities. All you have to do is choose a hall and the hotel will reserve it for your company at the time you specify. Upon arrival of your employees, the hotel will direct them to the selected conference room and will provide the necessary calmness and discretion during the seminar.

Takes over the organization of the company party

If you have an official company party in your program, the hotel can organize it in the way you want. A special hall will be prepared for you and your staff, and the hotel will take care of catering, music layout and service. Your employees will surely be impressed by the whole organization and the mood that the professional DJs hired by the hotel create.

Offers team building programs and assists in its implementation

As the goal of team building is to be not only fun and interesting, but also to unite the team, the hotel offers organizing and conducting various sports activities so that you can choose the ones that you think will be useful for your team.

Teambuilding programs that you can choose from if you choose Lucky Bansko Hotel for the company party:

  • Racing enthusiasm

This team building program includes paintball or organizing other competitive games. If you stop for paintball, on the pre-arranged day, your employees will be transported from the hotel to the paintball court and you will be left to have fun together at the game.

After the fun, transport from the hotel will take you back to the city. If you prefer another fun and dynamic game, Lucky Bansko organizes competitions and games indoors and outdoors with varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Extreme emotion

Extreme emotion is a team building program that includes sports activities that raise adrenaline. Here again you have the opportunity to choose. You can stop down the rapids of the river Struma (rafting), rock climbing with different levels of difficulty or off-road hiking in the mountains with jeeps.

  • Natural harmony

This teambuilding package includes more relaxed activities such as fishing and horse riding. The aparthotel works together with one of the best horse bases in the area, where your employees will have real fun. The horse base has well-trained horses and offers several hours of walking in the mountains.

After the horse riding, your team can have lunchin the restaurant at the horse base and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains. If you stop fishing, you can spend a quiet day in the complex “Ribarnika”, where together with yours employees you will enjoy the silence of the mountains and the pleasure of attraction fishing. The organization of fishing is taken over entirely by the hotel, where they will provide you with free transport, the necessary fishing tackle and will help in the preparation of the caught fish.

Company party in Lucky Bansko SPA § Relax - a well-deserved rest for your employees

  • Mountain adventure

From Bansko, where the hotel is located, there are numerous tourist routes that lead to some of the most beautiful places in the Pirin Mountains. If you choose this team building package, Lucky Bansko offers several different hiking trails to some of the most popular landmarks for tourists.

During the transition, your company will be accompanied by an experienced guide, and especially for the good mood of your hotel staff offer an outdoor picnic, horse or bicycle rides and racing games to unite the team.

  • Time travel

The team building package offered by Lucky Bansko “Time Travel” includes a day trip to one of the most popular landmarks that are located near Bansko. During the walk your staff will be accompanied by an experienced guide and tour guide who will make sure the trip remains unforgettable.

If you do not like any of the team building programs offered by the hotel or if you want something different, Lucky Bansko is at your disposal to offer you the activities and entertainment you want. You have the opportunity to combine sports activities and games from different packages, as well as to ask the hotel to prepare a team building package especially for your company, which meets the needs of your team.

Accommodation and service at European level

It is important for your employees not only to organize a good team building, but also to organize it in a place where they feel really valued by you. By choosing Lucky Bansko SPA § RELAX for the company party, you will truly delight your employees. Because the hotel is one of the best in Bansko and its 5 stars are well deserved.

The apartments in which the members of your company will be accommodated are luxuriously furnished and equipped with everything you need for complete relaxation. As a compliment during the entire stay, the hotel offers a bottle of mineral water and small chocolates. The cleanliness is at a high level and the service staff is highly qualified and is available 24/7.

Company party in Lucky Bansko SPA § Relax - a well-deserved rest for your employees

The hotel also has several restaurants that offer a varied and very tasty menu. Depending on the holiday package you choose, members of your company can enjoy the delicious Italian menu of the Leonardo restaurant, try Swiss and French specialties at the Fondue restaurant or enjoy a full range of international cuisine at La Bistro.

Extras and additional services

When buying a company vacation, your employees can take advantage of all the extras that Lucky Bansko offers. At their disposal and completely free of charge are:

  • Gym
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Salt pool
  • Salt room
  • Sauna
  • Ice room and others

During the holiday, your employees can take advantage of other services at an additional cost. The hotel has one of the best and most modern spa centers in Bansko, which offers a variety of cosmetic therapies and spa treatments.

Company party in Lucky Bansko SPA § Relax - a well-deserved rest for your employees

Entertainment for children

If you have decided to invite besides your employees and their families to the company party, Lucky Bansko offers a lot of fun for children. There are professional animators available for the little ones to entertain them with games, dancing, drawing and modeling.

Depending on the age of the children, the hotel has a children’s play area for the little ones and computer rooms for the older ones. For the little ones there is also an outdoor playground, a children’s pool with mineral water and a bunch of other entertainment.

If you want to have a well-functioning and successful team, organize the company party in Lucky Bansko SPA §Relax. Your employees will never forget the team building you organized for them, and you will be confident that you have found the best possible place to unite the team.