Options for eco routes close to Bansko

To help you feel the beauty of nature surrounding Bansko and to see unexpected places, we have prepared some options for tourist eco-routes that you can use for your mountain walk. We apply and map of these places to make it easier for you.

We wish you a pleasant time in the nature surrounding Bansko!
Your hike can start now 🙂

  1. From the area of Predel in Rila we start at 1,000 m. above sea level to climb until we reach Kapatni peak at 2175m. The hike is 4 hours in each direction, the route is difficult, and the trip takes a full-day to complete.
  2. We start from the area of Predel all the way to the finish at Mrazenitsa meadow. The first phase is intensive climb from 1,000 to 1,350 m. above sea level, followed by 5 km walk in a shady area with a medium level of difficulty. The entire hike is doable in 1h. and 15 min. in each direction.
  3. From the breathtaking area of Predel we start at 1,000 m. above sea level and hike until we reach the meadow at 1300 m. Then we go down until we reach the area of Byalata voda, located at 1,150 m., difficulty level – medium, length – 9 km. This is a one-way route which takes approximately 3 hours
  4. The area of Boykov Rid is the starting point at 960 m. above sea level; the route leads to Moravsko selo, which is at 1,150 m., the terrain is mixed and not difficult. It takes 1 h. and 15 min. in each direction, 5 km hike.
  5. We leave from Predel hut to Pirin peak from 1016 m. above sea level al the way up to Kulinoto locality at 1,445 m., there is a difficult hike through the forest, 7 km., duration is 3 h.
  6. We start in the town of Belitsa with a walk on an asphalt road to Belishki skali locality and Mecha dupka, length is 8 km. in each direction with medium difficulty level, duration is 2 h. and the displacement is about 350 m.
  7. The route begins at Semkovo leading to Semkovo hut, 5 km. in each direction; the hike starts at 1600 m. above the sea level and reaches 1,900 m., duration is 1 h. and 30 min. in each direction with medium level of difficulty; the terrain is mixed – asphalt and gravel.
  8. The hike starts form Semkovo and reaches Karalanitsa locality, waterfalls, 8 km., gravel, the large part of the route is shady, starting at 1,500 m. above the sea level and finishing at 1,930 m., duration is approximately 3h. in each direction.
  9. We leave from Karalanitsa locality, Semkovo, and finish at Makedoniya hut, the distance is 8 km. on gravel, starting at 1,930 m. above the sea level going up to 2,200 m. at the hut, medium level of difficulty, duration – 3 h.
  10. Starting from Semkovo, the hike reaches Makedoniya hut through Dinkov Dol locality, 10 km. on a forest path, the lowest point is 1,500 m. above the sea level and the highest at the hut – 2200 m., difficult route with a duration of 3 h. and 30 min.
  11. We start from Dobarsko at 1,225 m. above the sea level to Krali Marko’s footstep and continue all the way up to Stankova Laka locality which is 2 more kilometers at 1,600 m., the total distance is 6 km. on a forest path, medium difficulty level, duration is about 1 h. and 30min in each direction.
  12. Another option is – starting from Aparthotel Lucky Bansko Spa, Bansko and reaching the Kosherinata locality on a forest path, then going down to the town of Bansko, it is an easy 5 km. hike.
  13. Starting from Dobarsko along the river on a shady path which is about 6 km. long in each direction, altitude changes from 1,200 m. above the sea level to 1,550 m. at the meadow, this hike has a medium level of difficulty with a duration of 1 h. and 20 min. in each direction.
  14. Another option – we start in the village of Osenovo which is at 1,100 m. above the sea level and hike up to Vishteritsa locality at 1,550 m. to the meadow, passing through a forest path, the route has a medium level of difficulty, length is 9 km. in each direction, duration is about 3 h.