Healing remediable programs Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax

The new SPA & Wellness Center Aparthotel Lucky Bansko is not just a luxury, elegant and modern, it offers new opportunities for wellness tourism.

The combined bathtub Deluxe Alpha-70 is a combined bathtub of the new generation, which is imported for the first time in Bulgaria. There are only 20 bathtubes Deluxe Alpha-70  in the whole world. The bath has  25 different programs and it is possible to mahe  various hydromassages in  4 areas: feet, lower legs, seat and upper limbs. The bath tub can be used as pearl, whirlpool and jet, also  has an option for chromotherapy.

The bathtub has 122 nozzles beads / bubbles / 38 nozzles whirl / massage with water jets / whirlpool and a plug-in that takes place underwater point massage.
Pearl bathtub is an extraordinary gentle, pampers and soothes the senses, removes tension from the body.

In vortex massage feel ease and perfection with successive inclusion of water jets into four zones, starting from the feet and ending with the upper body. Hydromassage absorbed swelling and has a release and analgesic effect.

Whirlpool massage is extremely efficient and friendly joints method of “breaking” of cellulite. Thermal effects of water pressure directed by an experienced therapist to problem areas of the body will act in depth on accumulated fat deposits and help to break up cellulite and smoothing skin without loading on bone your system.

You just have to try the experience is unique and healthy effect – proven!

Whirlpool bathtub Alpha Deluxe | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax