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2 nights

What’s new in Lucky Bansko apart hotel?

The past 2014 was filled with renovations and changes, with which we hope that we have achieved an even higher level of comfort and satisfaction for our guests:

  • Hotel accommodation

We changed all mattresses,with the best model available – which was awarded at the exhibition for ergonomic equipment in Berlin
All units are equipped with flat screen TV.

  • Restaurants

Restaurant “Le Bistro” is re-equipped with new, even more comfortable chairs.
For breakfast we offer our guests more than 10 different types of coffee and similar beverages, because we installed two automatic coffee machines of the German company WMF.
We continue the tradition with live music in the restaurant “Le Bistro” (the orchestras are changed weekly).
Restaurant “Leonardo” has a new winter menu, which includes 4 types of fresh fish every day.

  • The relationships – guest-staff

In addition to the professional training of the staff, we also organize trainings with psychologists, by which excellent results in the maximum recognition and satisfaction of the guests are achieved.

  • For the hotel

We renovated all areas – lobby bar, longues and corridors of the hotel.
We installed 6 new video games for children.
The hotel offers Internet connection at the highest possible speed achievable in Bansko.
We installed 40 additional solar panels for saving energy.
We built new sewers for stormwater.

  • New for the guests of the hotel!

We offer you the opportunity to purchase ski passes directly at the reception desk, at no additional cost and without wasting your time waiting in a queue. Enjoy the skiing!

We expect you!