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2 nights

Professional animators will entertain children atLucky Bansko Aparthotel & Spa during the winter season

Being a child at the Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax is a real pleasure. Children are cared for not only with toys, accommodation, special chairs, strollers, walkers and many more fashion accessories.

But the biggest emotion is associated with the games. The hotel hires animators from one of the most established animation companies to allow young guests to have fun.

The schedule is prepared and from 20.12.2016, the workshop opens in which children will learn how to make items to decorate the tree. Then we decorate tree will write letters to Santa Claus and on 25.12.2016, we will expect him to live at the hotel. Songs, poems, games – Get ready, kids to earn gift!

Christmas for children in Lucky Bansko | Lucky Bansko & SPA

Of course, there will be very entertaining and interesting games, discos, even a pillow fight.

It is wonderful if we cannot and we shrink in Santa’s workshop?

Christmas holidays in Lucky Bansko | Lucky Bansko & SPA