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Nearby villages and sights in Bansko

Christmas is approaching, and you’ve probably already chosen where to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But if you haven’t yet, then we invite you to think of a Christmas holiday in Bansko 2017 and to book a hotel while there is still time.

Why are we offering you to pack up and book a hotel in Bansko namely on Christmas?

Executive Suite - balcony view | Lucky Bansko

If you know how to ski, you know the answer – you will find no other ski resort that is more popular not only in the country but also on the Balkans. By choosing a Christmas holiday in Bansko 2017 you will not only have fun on max on the ski tracks but you will also enjoy the incredible sights of this region, the great hospitality and the delicious food of which the people of Bansko are proud.

If you do not ski, do not worry – you will not be bored at all, because then you can easily tour and see the numerous sights near Bansko and we are sure that you will enjoy them very much.

The town and the settlements around it are so interesting that the thought of boredom will not come to you even for a moment while you are at a hotel in Bansko. You don’t believe it? Follow us on a short tour around the sights of Bansko and you will see it for yourselves!

Sights near Bansko

Saint Trinity Church

You cannot miss one of the symbols of the town… the church is in the center and, as it is said, “all roads lead to it”. Saint Trinity was built during the period of Ottoman slavery at a time when Christians were forbidden to raise temples larger and higher than the mosques.

However, the people of Bansko succeeded and overcame the Ottoman government, placing the half-moon on both sides of the church next to the cross and when the Ottomans asked why the Christian church was larger than the what was allowed, the residents of the town pointed out that they had built a temple for both religions. Today, the Saint Trinity Church is part of the 100 national sites, so do not forget your tourist book to get a stamp from the site.

House-museum of Neofit Rilski

Nikola Benin, as is the secular name of Neofit Rilski, is not only the founder of secular education in the country, but also the author of the first Bulgarian grammar book. For the Bansko people it is very important to maintain the memory of Neofit Rilski, who grew up in the town, so in 1981 his house was turned into a museum.

Built in the 18th century, the Bulgarian Renaissance house will take you back in time with its high walls, the small and pretty courtyard and its strange, low doors. Having mentioned the doors, there is an interesting opinion on why the doors of the Bulgarian Renaissance houses are so low. According to experts, the doors of the houses were built low, so that when an Ottoman came into the house he had to bend and “bow” to the owner of the house.

The Velyanova House

An extremely architectural creation from the Bulgarian Renaissance period. The house is consists of two stories, it is made of wood and stone but what makes the greatest impression is its incredible interior decoration. Here you can see stunning mural paintings and carvings that will leave you speechless.

An interesting fact is that the house was built and given to master Velyan by the Bansko people, in recognition of the fact that he painted the Saint Trinity church.

This is not the end of the sights in Bansko, but because the places that are worth seeing while staying at one of the great hotels in Bansko are many, we continue outside the city.

Excavations of a medieval temple | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

The Nameless town

Our first stop is at the so called Nameless town located only 4 km away from the town in the direction of Dobrinishte. The town that has no name is found in the Saint Nikola area and the interesting thing is that it was discovered absolutely by accident. During excavations, a necropolis was first discovered in the area, and little by little, out of nowhere a huge city was revealed that stretched over 30 acres.


If you continue on the way and reach Dobrinishte, you can climb the Bezbog peak and enjoy the great views that are revealed from there (if you are skiers you can go down the Dobrinishte tracks and if you are not, a warm tea at the cabin will make you feel great).

Dancing bears Park

The park was created to house the freed dancing bears (an attraction that was very popular during the socialism but which is quite barbaric from today’s point of view).

After the introduction of the ban to use the bears in this way, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the Four Paws Foundation together with Belitsa Municipality opened the Dancing Bears Park where bears can live in their natural habitat undisturbed by anyone.

The park is 12 km away from the town of Belitsa, in the Adrianov Chark area and is an ideal place for a walk in nature even in winter.

Dobarsko village

There is no way you have not heard of the village of Dobarsko and it would be unforgivable not to spend some of your time while you are on a Christmas holiday in Bansko 2017 to look at it. It will not take you a lot of time to get to the village because it is only 21 km away from Bansko and the drive is really worth it.

Dobarsko can offer many sights, but we cannot help but mention the largest one, namely the St. Teodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat church. Built in 1614, the church is intriguing with its unique wall paintings which are one of a kind in the world. The stories and legends of the church are so many, and everyone sees the wall paintings and understands them in their own way, so you have to personally see them to understand your truth.

While you are in the village, you can also see the Kopanata Church or if time allows you to reach the Shtrakaloto Falls.

Picture from Leshten village | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Leshten village

If you want to go back in time, Leshten is your place. The village will enchant you with its cobblestone streets and authentic Bulgarian Renaissance houses.

A walk through Leshten is a must if you need peace and quiet… well, if you fall under the non-standard ideas, the so popular Clay House is located in Leshten (if you think that the Clay House was built centuries ago, you are mistaken. It’s all new, but it’s worth to enjoy it at least from the outside).

We almost forgot! Leshten is about 56 km away from Bansko and you will reach the village from the hotel in Bansko in about an hour, as the road is very narrow and full of turns but the journey back in time is worth it.

Kovachevitsa village

The village of Kovachevitsa is located some 8 km away from Leshten, so tourists often include both villages in their tours .

Once you have come to Kovachevitsa, you will understand why this village is so unique. You will feel the peace and tranquility with every fiber of your body, and the old houses and almost deserted cobblestone streets will take you very far back in time.

Rock phenomenon The Wedding

On the way to Osenovo village, about 29 km away from Bansko is the unique rock phenomenon The Wedding. There are many legends about this natural phenomenon, but the most popular is the one about the evil mother-in-law who cursed her son, his future wife and all their guests during their wedding. Her curse was so strong that they all became stone statues.


Wine, Bulgarian Renaissance houses, pyramids… you probably think about these three things when you think of Melnik. And to some extent you’d be right. Melnik produces some of the best Bulgarian wines, and the architecture of the houses will surely impress you.

While you are in Melnik, you must taste the delicious food and the fragrant Melnik wine and see some of the biggest attractions of the town – Kordopulov house, Bolyarska house, Pashova house.

Rozehn Monastery

Only a few kilometers from Melnik is theRozhen Monastery so nothing is stopping you from visiting it. The monastery was built probably in the 13th century and is one of the few remaining undamaged monasteries from the time of the Ottoman invasion.

Rila Monastery St. Ivan Rilski | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery is undoubtedly our largest and most visited monastery, and if you have not visited it before, it is time to do so.

Founded by the monk Ivan Rilski in the 10th century, the monastery has enjoyed some great privileges since its very creation. All Bulgarian rulers and kings at that time made great donations to the monastery and it prospered until the time when Bulgaria fell under Ottoman rule and when the monastery was destroyed.

The restoration of the holy cloister begins at the end of the 15th century when the main buildings were restored, and thanks to the donations of many patriotic Bulgarians, residential buildings were built, and in the middle of the yard the most impressive stone tower was built, which to this day carreis the name of its creator – sebastocrator Hrelyu.

Rila Monastery is about 104 km away from Bansko, but the trip to it is worth it.

These are just some of the sights in Bansko and the surroundings that you can explore while you are on holiday at any hotel in Bansko.

Yes, Bansko is undoubtedly our most popular ski resort, but the town is among the most preferred ones by tourists during the holidays.

If you have not yet chosen where to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays, our advice is not to waste time but to pack up and live an incredible Christmas holiday in Bansko 2017.

Just hurry up and book a hotel in Bansko because the town is very attractive for tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy both the warm, Balkan welcome and delicious food as well as the tracks and the sights of the town and its surroundings.