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All year offers in Lucky Bansko

Bansko is one of the most beloved and visited resorts in our country, this is a fact that no one can contest. The resort is attractive for tourists looking for calmness, beautiful nature, but also enough fun and a variety of activities.

Here everyone can find something for themselves and relax the way they want. The town offers many opportunities for active recreation and entertainment in each season of the year.

All year offers in Lucky Bansko

You also love the resort town and have long planned to visit it alone or with your family. And you are wondering how to find the best possible offer for a holiday in Bansko.

How to organize your vacation in Lucky Bansko Hotel?

Choose your season

The first step is the most difficult. And not because you have no choice, on the contrary. Bansko can offer you enough fun all year round and it is really difficult to choose when to visit it. Therefore, we advise you before you start looking for offers to think about how you want to spend your vacation in Bansko.

Banskoin the winter

In Bansko in the winter you can go down the white slopes, snow walks on the small streets of the town, in cozy taverns you can eat authentic Bansko cuisine, absolute relaxation in the spa area of the hotel and many other entertainments.

Winter Bansko is calm, quiet and very, very romantic.

Banskoin the summer

If you choose to be in Banskoin the springorsummer, then long walks along the tourist trails, hikes to the peaks and other natural landmarks await you. You can visit various concerts and outdoor festivals, go horseback riding, try extreme sports such as rafting, kayaking, rock climbing,to visit historical landmarks.

През лятото Банско е диво, щуро и приключенско.

Banskoin the autumn

If autumn is your season, then you will be fascinated by the beauty of the golden autumn in the mountains. You can walk on the narrow forest paths, have picnics, ride a bike, try off-road. And you can spend your holiday by the hotel pool or relaxation area and enjoy the peace and quiet in a luxurious setting. 

Autumn Bansko is calm, relaxing and energizing.

Get acquainted with the offers of Lucky Bansko

As one of the most popular and desired accommodation in Bansko, the aparthotel offers a variety of offers and holiday packages for each season. Therefore, once you have made a choice of the season in which to visit the resort, take a look at the holiday offers by the hotel. Consult the pricing policy to be aware of what discounts and bonuses you can take advantage of.

Choose your vacation offer

To make the right choice, it is good to consider the following:

How many nights to book

The policy of the aparthotel is to provide% discounts depending on the number of nights. For example, if you book more than 3 nights, the discount is 12%, and if you book 7 nights, the price reduction that you can take advantage of reaches 30%. Think about which option is most advantageous for you before deciding on the final offer.

What holiday offers include

No matter the season, as guests of the hotel you take advantage of perfect service, accommodation in luxuriously furnished apartments, free coffee, tea and mineral water in the room, cleaning twice a day with a compliment from the hotel. The price also includes a rich breakfast or breakfast or dinner (if you have selected at such an offer), free use of the hotel’s spa, gym, games rooms, conference rooms and much more.

If you are with your family and have children under the age of 15.99, their accommodation is completely free. In addition, each child up to the age of seven receives a gift at check-in.

If you want to relax actively, for the little ones the aparthotel offers a free babysitter, for the older ones there are rooms for games with animators, and for the biggest ones there are separate rooms for computer games, which are used completely free of charge during the stay.

What additional bonuses are included in the offer

As already mentioned, the offers by the hotel are prepared according to the season, so that you as guests can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Depending on the season, various additional free services are included in the offers.

All year offers in Lucky Bansko

Summer offers

If you visit Lucky Bansko in the spring, summer or autumn, you can take advantage of additional bonuses such as free dinners (for the “Family Vacation” offer) or free entrance to the Aqua set of the hotel (for the purchase of the “Aqua Vacation” offer). If you wish to ride,sightseeingor engage in any other activity during your stay, the hotel provides a shuttle service to and from the place you want to visit. 

Discounts in the price according to the number of nights and free accommodation for children up to 15.99 years apply to summer offers.

Winter offers

If you visit the hotel in winter, then you can take advantage of free breakfasts and dinners (when choosing an offer“Winter Vacation”), daily transport directly to the ski slopes of Bansko, transfer to and from the city center. You use completely free of charge all the services offered in the spa area, the gym, and for a minimal fee you can rent ski equipment from the hotel’s ski wardrobe. 

The discounts in the price of the offer according to the number of nights and the free accommodation of children up to 15.99 years are valid for the whole winter season.

All year offers in Lucky Bansko

Special offers

Lucky Bansko is one of the few hotels that suggestholiday offers with big discounts on the price for holidays.

For example, if you are a student and want to celebrate the holiday in Bansko, the aparthotel offers two-day and three-day packages at promotional prices. The offers for the student holidays also include rich breakfasts, as well as a festive dinner and a party on the occasion of the holiday.

For the Christmas and New Year holidays, the special holiday offers include, in addition to large discounts and free breakfasts and dinners, entertainment for kids, direct transfer to the slopes above Bansko, transfer to the city center and back and much more.

Especially for New Year’s Eve, the price of the offer includes a New Year’s program with popular guests and a rich meal. For the children from the hotel they have planned a separate New Year’s party with a varied menu and a special program. So, while you are celebrating, your children are taken care of by animators who will make their holiday unforgettable.

If you decide to visit Bansko for Valentine’s Day, Baba Marta, Easter, St. George’s Day or another big holiday, you can again take advantage of big discounts and additional bonuses that Lucky Bansko suggest in its special offers. Once you are aware of the hotel’s offers and have chosen a season to stay, all you have to do is make a reservation.

To get the most out of all the discounts and free services, it is good to follow all the seasonal offers that the aparthotel publishes on the pages of its website. Usually, the earlier you make your holiday reservation, the better the prices of the offers you can take advantage of.

Be careful not to miss the dates in which to book your vacation. Not that you can’t make a holiday reservation at any time you decide, but if you plan and choose the offer in advance, you can choose a cheaper offer that includes more extra bonuses. 

Why rest in Lucky Bansko aparthotel?

We will not deny that in Bansko you can find hotels and guest houses where you can stay. There is definitely a place in the town that meets the needs and tastes of everyone. However, if you want to feel really welcome guests, to relax in a luxurious atmosphere and to be taken care of by perfectly trained staff, then Lucky Bansko is your hotel.

The aparthotel has 115 luxuriously furnished studios and two presidential suites, equipped with everything you need for a great vacation. The rooms are spacious, cozy, completely quiet and suitable for both adult couples and families with children. Bathrobes and slippers are provided especially for children in the rooms, and if necessary, the hotel can put a baby cot in your room and provide everything necessary for the baby.

The hotel has one of the most modern and large spa centernot only in Bansko, but throughout the country and you can take advantage of it during your stay. The spa area has indoor pools with mineral water, saunas, hot tubs, ice and salt room, hydromassage showers, several steam baths, beauty salon.

All year offers in Lucky Bansko

For those of you who like to work out, there is a well-equipped gym and an outdoor pool, and if you want to play sports in the mountains, the hotel can provide bicycles, help you join one of the rafting, kayaking and rock climbinggroups, horseback riding and much more.

If you are on holiday in winter, Lucky Bansko has its own ski storage room and provides free transfers directly to the slopes.

Here your children will feel loved and cared for so well that they will not want to leave. During your entire stay, the little ones will be cared for by highly qualified babysitters and animators, and the older ones can have fun in one of the well-equipped games rooms and computer rooms.

Lucky Bansko offers not only different types of discounts on the price of the offers, but is also one of the few hotels in Bansko that offers completely free accommodation for children up to 15.99 years.